30 thoughts on “What’s the best martial art for the street?

  1. CowsShouldDie(no offence, except to rude ppl) says:

    forgive me if i'm wrong but i heard this ex marine i believe on jre say that the reason why he personally suggests bjj as the first thing to learn for self defence is because in a situation where you are "throwing hands" you can run away but if someone grabs you then you are kinda fked unless u know how to grab them better yk? made sense to me so if anyone would like to enlighten/disagree with me go ahead!

  2. Mr. G says:

    Any martial art that utilizes the whole body in different fighting positions. Karate and jujitsu are top tier. Some kung fu and taekwondo are great choices too. Things like boxing and wrestling are great but limited.

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