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Competitiveness of Sector

Thanks to its continuously improving R&D and production abilities, Turkish cosmetics sector has being gained a considerable competitive power. Optimal quality and cost alternatives are provided by the sector both for domestic and foreign buyers.

An overview of the distribution of trade among countries and the structure of EU cosmetics sector published every year by COLIPA (European Union Cosmetic Toiletry Products and Perfume Manufacturers' Association) leads us to think that while the overall yearly increase rate is around 4-5%,

Higher rates of increase in our exports to these countries in the recent years point out the enhancement of competitiveness of our products in terms of quality and price.

In cosmetics production, particularly for the high technology products, the university-industry cooperation and the local raw materials production must be encouraged so as to cut the costs and to reduce the dependence on foreign sources.

Turkish cosmetics sector

The number of manufacturing firms or persons registered in the Ministry of Health is above 1.370, and it is known that at least 430 of them are engaged only in production of eau de cologne.

Depending on the economic development in Turkey, both production and consumption of the cosmetic and personal care products are also increasing rapidly.

The hair care products hold the greatest share in the sector product range, and shampoos account for approximately 59% of hair care products.

Other items included in the sector product range are shaving products, depilatories, bath and shower products, soaps, lip and eye make-up materials, deodorants and antiperspirants, perfumes, eau de colognes, skincare and baby care products.


Depending on the economic development in Turkey , cosmetics sector has also increased rapidly year by year. Looking for 5 years period Turkish Cosmetics Sector getting valuable nearly %10 growth.

In 2011 due to the global financial crisis, a slight slowdown in export values of cosmetics sector was experienced with an export value of 795 million USD.

However, a hopeful upturn was observed in recent months of the year, and from 2015 there has been an upward trend in export values of the sector with an average annual growth rate of 10%.

According to the sub-sectors export values, soaps and organic surface-active preparants remain top of the table with an export value of 497,7 million USD in 2014, accounting for 39% share in cosmetics sector export.