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Face masks are required now to leave the house in many countries and states

Elastic surgical face mask with 3 layers and filter

New York Issues Executive Order Requiring Employers to Provide Essential Workers with Face Masks On April 13, 2020, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order (“EO”) 202.16, requiring employers to provide essential workers with face coverings to wear when in direct contact with customers or the public. San Francisco, California is now one of five Bay Area […]

Importers and Retailers from around the world are facing shortages in Chinese Products

Importers and retailers from around the world are facing shortage in chinese products

The coronavirus in China is hampering the manufacturing and exporting of products shipped to America and the rest of the world. Importers are searching for alternative sources to get their products from and keep retailers shelves full. Electronics, Shoes, Clothing, are first to be impacted. To limit the spread of the coronavirus, over 700 million […]

YeniExpo Turkey B2B Marketplace

Yeniexpo wholesale turkish products marketplace website

At, Turkey B2B Marketplace, you can register as a supplier, manufacturer, exporter, service provider or buyer and start growing your business in Turkey and worldwide. The Turkey B2B business directory exhibits Turkish wholesale products, services, and suppliers from many sectors in many categories.  Turkey offers many business opportunities for worldwide buyers and investors […]

What is a B2B wholesale market? How does it work?

Yeniexpo b b marketplace export turkey

Let’s start with some definitions for the B2B Wholesale Marketplace: B2B: Business to Business. The Buyer and Seller are both businesses trading in large volumes. Thus the buying business (Purchasing Party or Importer) gets a good discounted wholesale price as compared to the normal retail price. The Seller can be an exporter, wholesaler, distributor, supplier […]

Free Trade Zones of Turkey

Yeniexpo b b toptan ihracat export

Free Trade Zones of Turkey are defined as fenced-in areas in which special regulatory treatment exists for the operating users in order to promote exports of goods and services. Free zones offer a more convenient and flexible business climate in order to increase trade volume and export for some industrial and commercial activities as compared […]

Top 5 Residential and Commercial Construction Companies in Turkey

Top 5 residential and commercial construction companies in turkey

Turkey is a growing real estate market in Europe and Asia. Turkey has a strategic location on the crossroad between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The population of 83 million people offers wonderful opportunities for Turkish and foreign real estate developers and investors. No matter what size is the project whether a large […]

Top Toys Brands, Manufacturers and Exporter of Turkey

Simsek toys children’s pink game house

Turkish toy market growing and exports are increasing year by year but slowly. Export growth is noticeable in the eco-friendly wooden toys as compared to the plastic and electronics toys categories. Plastic toy production in Turkey comprises at least 70% of the total toy production. In 2017, toy production used about 21,000 tons of plastic […]

Is your website loading fast for foreign customers?

Is your website loading fast for foreign customers?

When you design and build a website, it must be efficient and user-friendly not only for local customers but for foreign customers as well. Company Website Performance: The website must open fast and should be easy to navigate with a well-structured menu system,  If your website does not open fast, most buyers will not wait […]

Part 1: B2B Marketplace started in 2018

Yeniexpo rising star in turkey new logo style

Our business story: Part 1 B2B Marketplace started in 2018 as an idea to help Turkish manufacturers and exporters reach new worldwide markets. The majority of Turkish exporters are small to medium size family-owned businesses that have traditional roots and business practices. Adopting a digital marketing and online brand development strategy is slowly adopted […]

We invite all Turkish export companies to join

Bas akumulator yeniexpo export turkey wholesale b b toptan marketplace

We invite all Turkish export companies to join the B2B marketplace. By joining YeniExpo you will benefit from the following: Latest up-to-date website software for digital marketing SEO optimized product listings Brand and product digital marketing and promotion Niche centralized marketplace for Turkish products 40-50 thousand unique visitors weekly to the marketplace from business […]