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More than one in three items of jewelry produced in Turkey are exported. The sector accounts for 1.5% of all Turkish exports.

Today, Turkey is the world's second biggest exporter of gold jewelry after Italy. The country is also the third biggest consumer of gold after India and the USA.

Export of jewellery products made of precious metals has increased significantly over the last 10 years in Turkey. This increase elevated Turkey 's standing to one of the global leaders in the industry.

Turkey has the total capacity to produce 400 tons of gold and 200 tons of silver annually, however this capacity is not fully utilized. Turkey mostly ranks among the top-five countries in the world in gold jewellery production.

At present, there are more than 50 major companies in which 200-1500 qualified workers are employed. The industry is a huge one amongst the Turkish manufacturing industries and employs about 250 thousand people currently.

The center for gold jewellery production is Istanbul. Jewellery produced by an intense accumulation of information and technology and ornate concept of design are exported to more than 100 countries all over the world.

Turkey Recorded a Positive Export Growth in Jewelry Sector during Last 5 Years

According to Jewellery Exporters’ Association (JTR), Turkey’s jewelry sector is its best-performing export industry. In the last five years, Turkey has been recording a rise in jewelry export shipments. Turkish jewelry exports valued above USD 3,000 million in 2015 and 2016.

That dollar amount rose sharply in the last three years and recorded more than USD 4,000 million. In fact, in 2019, Turkey’s jewelry exports touched USD 5,000 mark. Below given chart and table will help you to understand Turkish exports of jewelry.

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