Benefits of Joining B2B Marketplace

International Trade Opportunities For Exporters is a quick and easy online destination for finding, buying, and selling new products from Türkiye and other exporting countries. Thousands of buyers search every day!

  • YeniExpo will help you advertise, sell, and export your products.
  • YeniExpo will create new business opportunities for your company so that you can increase your products export sales. 
  • Don’t let those opportunities go to your competition!
  • Ready To Grow Your Business?
  • We invite all export companies, manufacturers and suppliers to join today one of Türkiye B2B wholesale export platforms.
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Reach New Markets International Exposure

Establish new trade partnerships and find new import-export opportunities to grow your Turkish trade worldwide.

  • Showcase Your Products and Brands All Year Round
  • Unlimited Customer Requests
  • Unlimited Wholesale Opportunities
  • Connect with business customers around the world!
  • International Digital Trade Fair Platform
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Get Discovered Easily By Professional Buyers

Multiple ways for buyers to find your products. 

  • Our listings on Search engines,
  • Our website AI driven search bar, browsing by category, or by exploring the dedicated page for each seller.
  • Grow your Export Business
  • Increase sales by accessing buyers from many countries.
  • We’ll help you to upload and list your products
  • We present each product page in 20+ languages for maximum reach.
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Winning with YeniExpo B2B Marketplace

Exporters discover buyers and importers from around the world, expand your network, find new business partners, and increase your sales.

  • Importers find new exporting partners to communicate and network with on YENIEXPO.
  • Hidden treasures found within our suppliers.
  • Service Providers and Logistics Companies
  • Looking for SERVICE PROVIDERS in international trade?
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Our goal

We focus on increasing your export sales’s goal is to increase the export of “Made in Turkey” products of Turkish exporters and manufacturers. We do this by introducing and promoting your company, brand and products to foreign wholesale buyers around the world, 24/7/365.

Opportunities we offer to your company:

  • Showcase Products All Year Round
  • Unlimited Customer Requests
  • Unlimited Wholesale Opportunities
  • Connect with business customers around the world!
  • International Digital Trade Fair Platform

How We Work

Step 1: Join YeniExpo

  • Register your company and add your products listings.
  • You can even start with a FREE exporter account to test YeniExpo.
  • YeniExpo system will start working for you promoting your products in 100+ languages.
  • Your products and brands will start showing up on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.
  • Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest will be informed about your new products.

Step 2: Receive Inquiries

  • Customers searching online will find your products on YeniExpo.
  • Customers will send you inquiries for quotations and product information.
  • You will receive an email from YeniExpo notifying you of the new inquiries.
  • Customers may can also contact you by WhatsApp if you choose this option.

Step 3: Establish Trade

  • The sooner you reply to customer demands and inquiries the faster you will establish business with these customers.
  • You can reply and contact the customer directly or through the YeniExpo platform.  It is up to you.


Yeniexpo turkish exporters testemonials references

YeniExpo online digital trade platform gives us the chance to reach new markets of our brands and products. We regularly receive inquiries from Europe and other countries.

Engin / Hasatsan
Yeniexpo turkish exporters testemonials references

International sales are essential to survive in business. YeniExpo gives us the chance to introduce and exhibit our products on the digital trade fair platform.

Hakan / Cassalis Home
Yeniexpo turkish exporters testemonials references

YeniExpo promotes our products all over the world.  We are glad to see our products listed on this B2B platform.

AbduRahman / Imessport
Yeniexpo turkish exporters testemonials references

We have added more than 100 products on YeniExpo. We regularly receive requests from foreign customers.

Koray / Berberler
Yeniexpo turkish exporters testemonials references

Our food production and filling machine designs are top quality and very affordable to serve world customers. We are waiting for your requests.

Ahmet / Al Hariri Group
Yeniexpo turkish exporters testemonials references

Turkey is an important resource for home textiles. We advertise our high quality products through this platform. Many wholesale buyers from all over the world.

Uğur / Armes Home
300×600 olive oil talk ad 1

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