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First identify who the supplier is! It is evident however there are numerous ways to purchasing items in Turkey. Through middlemen, wholesalers and manufacturers or any number of “secondary passage” sources. Agents operate on a commission basis whilst trading companies include costs in the quoted price, most wholesalers and factories in Turkey operate through an agent or trading company to export.  You can utilities online B2B marketplaces like for sourcing and importing products from Turkey and to identify Turkish Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Exporters.
10 easy steps to importing products from turkey profitably

Request for Quotation:

Once you have identified the proper suppliers, you can request wholesale prices from these suppliers.  Prices quoted can be negotiated in most cases if the buyer is serious about importing products from Turkey.  Don't waste the time of the suppliers just to get a price, while not serious about ordering.  Building good respect with your Turkish supplier is essential to a successful long term business relationship.   The more information you provide about your company and product requirements, the more accurate the price quotes.

What business information are needed in your request for quotation:

When you request a price quotation from your Turkish supplier, please provide the following information:

  • Order Quantity Required:
  • When a Quotation is Required by:
  • Receiving Sea or Air Port:  What port do you prefer to receive the merchandise?
  • Preferred Shipping Method:  Ocean Freight, Land, Air Freight, Intermodal, Rail
  • Company Name:  You must add a company name since this inquiry is for wholesale importers only
  • Company Type: Your company type will help the exporter understand your business better.  Indicate whether your company is a wholesaler, retailer, ecommerce, distributor, manufacturer, government,
  • Company Introduction:  Information about your company, years of experience, how many locations, do you import from Turkey currently?
  • Company Website:
  • Your Name:
  • Position in the company:
    WhatsApp No
  • Email Address:
  • Address:
  • City:
  • Country:

Incoterms and Transportation Costs:

Are the prices quoted FOB, CIF, EXW warehouse? What has been agreed and who pays and at what stage? Who prepares the shipping documents, packing list and commercial invoice and will these documents enable you to clear the goods at the port of destination?  Remember to add the additional costs for the products by including cost for packaging materials, printing and minor changes, inland freight expenses, insurance, customs brokerage fees, duties, and so on which can raise the total cost up.

10 easy steps to importing products from turkey profitably

Freight Insurance:

Insurance for importing products from Turkey and transporting the goods. Without paying for insurance on transportation, you might lose the money you pay for the goods if it's lost. It does happen that goods get lost during transportation. And, if you don't have insurance, you are going to lose the goods and the money you already spend on it. This can be a huge loss, if you have paid a lot of money for it. You need to consider adding insurance and pay for it, rather than taking the risk to transport your goods without having any insurance.

Payment Terms:

Payment terms are in general 30% up front installment with the order, and balance before shipping. Some suppliers may ask full payment in advance with order. You have to do due diligence on researching that supplier, ask for customer references, contact the export union the supplier is a member of, and contact the chamber of commerce in the district the supplier is located.  If the order is significant, you may want to negotiate Letter of Credit (LC) payment terms.

Financial Stability of the Supplier:

When dealing with a Turkish supplier, you may want to consider the financial strength, stability, and credit rating of the supplier.  Depending on your project long term requirements, OEM requirements, and private label production volume, you should inspect the financial strength of the supplier.

Quality Standards and Inspection:

You must also communicate with your supplier before importing products from Turkey about your quality requirements, testings needed, inspection certification by third party, labeling, marking, and proper packaging.
The products made in Turkey have superior quality as compared to other sources. Take for example the travertine paver.  There are foreign importers who import them from Turkey and supply to their customers. No other product can make a pool or patio look so beautiful as well as elegant. This product comes in a variety of colors like gold, silver, ivory, scabies etc.  These products are widely used for high class decoration of the home outdoors as well as entertainment venues. They provide a unique appearance to the property and are offered at competitive prices. 
These supply agencies procure the products from the most reliable as well as reputed sources so that they are much more durable and look extremely elegant and impressive. Just like marble, granite and limestone, travertine is also a natural stone. This particular type is formed in hot springs and limestone caves. The holes in them are due to carbon dioxide evasion. Even under direct sunlight, it remains cool and when wet it will not create a slick surface. It can be cut into different sizes just as in the case of marble. Though this stone is used for various purposes it is mainly used for flooring, especially around pools. The supply agencies offer them as the most ideal flooring tile for those who are in search natural stone flooring tile, natural stone pavers and rare natural stones for stone columns etc.
10 easy steps to importing products from turkey profitably

Sourcing and Buyer Agents:

Before importing products from Turkey, you can contact us at if you are interested in hiring us as your sourcing and buying agents in Turkey.  For a negotiated fee:

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  • We can identify the suppliers,
  • Solicit Price Quotations,
  • Negotiate prices,
  • Do a factory visit and inspection,
  • Do a Quality Control Inspection,
  • Review Financial strength of suppliers,
  • Pre shipment Inspection: When the goods are ready to be packed and shipped, we can do a final quality and count inspection.
  • Logistics and Transportation Inspection

Overall advantages of importing products from Turkey

  • The strategic and central location of Turkey between 3 continents
  • Proximity to major markets and consumers in Europe
  • Availability of all mode of logistics to Europe and the rest of the world
  • Well established manufacturing base in Turkey
  • Private label, White label, OEM manufacturing are available 
  • High quality products
  • Prices are very competitive with the far east.

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