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Top 30 products exported from Turkey in 2018 by US$ value

1 YeniExpo Export Turkey

57% of Turkish exports by value were shipped to European countries while 24.9% are sold to Asian importers. North America share of Turkish exports was 6.1%. There is opportunities to increase exports to all countries specially North America, Africa and Middle East. The following table displays 30 of the most in-demand goods shipped from Turkey […]

Are Made in Turkey Products good for Exports?

Are made in turkey products good for exports?

Yes. Most Made in Turkey products are probably better and cheaper than many European and Asian products. “Excellent Quality at Cheaper Price” Turkey is a fast developing country. Turkey’s exports and gross domestic production are growing annually. Turkey is a great source for textile and fashion products. The material and production is high quality. It […]

What is an ATR Certificate?

What is an atr certificate?

ATR or A.TR is an EU acronym, standing for “Admission Temporaire Roulette”. It is a customs certificate for the movement of industrial products. A separate certificate is needed for each UK-Turkey consignment. It grants preferential rates of duty (mostly zero) for imports and exports between the European Union and Turkey. This applies under the terms […]