Are Made in Turkey Products good for Exports?

Are made in turkey products good for exports?

Yes. Most Made in Turkey products are probably better and cheaper than many European and Asian products. “Excellent Quality at Cheaper Price”

Turkey is a fast developing country. Turkey’s exports and gross domestic production are growing annually.

Turkey is a great source for textile and fashion products. The material and production is high quality. It competes with several EU sources like Italy and France but of course at cheaper prices. Many worldwide BRANDS of textile and fashion products have “Made in Turkey” label.

Many multinational companies such as Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Fiat , Mercedes, Ford Trucks, have joint ventures and factories in Turkey and export to EU, USA, and other countries. In fact, the Automotive exports are the number one export sector in Turkey by trade volume.

Turkish companies are now investing in high tech technology, transfer, joint ventures, and acquisitions.

New Turkish BRANDS are developing fast and will become known worldwide for their material, quality and designs. Turkish companies are now focusing on developing and marketing their own BRANDS to be able to compete in the world market with famous European and USA brands.

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