Most are probably better quality and more affordable than many European and Asian products.  This is evidenced by the increase in demand worldwide.  Total  expanded 8.4 % YoY in Oct 2020, compared with an increase of 0.5 % YoY in the previous month. Turkey Total Exports Growth data is updated monthly, available from Jan 2014 to Oct 2020, with an averaged rate of 1.8 %. (source)

Made in turkey products new demand is increasing worldwide 8.4 % yoy

“Excellent Quality at Cheaper Price”

Turkey is a fast developing country. Turkey's exports and gross domestic production are growing annually.

Turkey is a great source for textile and fashion products. The material and production is high quality. It competes with several EU sources like Italy and France but of course at cheaper prices. Many worldwide BRANDS of textile and fashion products have “Made in Turkey” label.

Many multinational companies such as Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, Fiat , Mercedes, Ford Trucks, have joint ventures and factories in Turkey and export to EU, USA, and other countries. In fact, the Automotive exports are the number one export sector in Turkey by trade volume.

Turkish companies are now investing in high tech technology, transfer, joint ventures, and acquisitions.

New Made in Turkey Products BRANDS are developing fast and will become known worldwide for their material, quality and designs. Turkish companies are now focusing on developing and marketing their own BRANDS to be able to compete in the world market with famous European and USA brands. Sourcing Services

If you need to find manufacturers of certain made in Turkey products, to get prices and catalogs, or produce your own products – you can order YeniExpo Product Sourcing services. We will source the product for you, collect from several suppliers, and propose the most suitable manufacturers for you. 

We can also negotiate correspondence with Turkish companies as representatives of your company and send you all the information translated into english. If necessary, we can order samples and send them to you by , control the quality and production of your orders and send photo reports.

If you plan to start production or expand it, you may need equipment and production technologies. In Turkey, high-quality equipment are produced at an affordable price for various industries. In addition to equipment, they also offer technologies for the production of various products, as well as full support and assistance in launching production lines.

Steps in Sourcing Made in Turkey products:

Follow these steps to start importing from Turkey:

  • Make a research: Search for the suppliers of Made in Turkey products.
  • Negotiate: Once you decide on a certain product and a supplier/wholesaler, negotiate the price and delivery terms.
  • Calculate the total cost: Your imports will incur freight insurance and custom clearance fees. Learn these costs to calculate your total costs.
  • Arrange the shipping: Depending on the type of the product and your target country, you can decide on the means of transportation (air/land/sea).
  • Get prepared for the delivery: Once your imports are shipped, you should track the shipment. After you cleared them at the customs of the target country, you can take the delivery of your goods.

Importing Made in Turkey products is very easy and straightforward.  The answer to how to import wholesale from Turkey comes down to the procedures and laws of your target country. You should make sure that you have done your due diligence in order to comply with the legislation of the target country.  Your best source for help in this regards is your local customs broker, freight forwarder, and local chamber of commerce.

Advantages of importing Made in Turkey products.

Turkey is a thriving economy which ranks among the Top 20 economies of the world. Turkey offers so many advantages to the businesses which are planning to import goods from Turkey, the most important of which are:

  • Turkey is the producer of a broad range of different high-quality Made in Turkey products to choose from. Some of the Turkish-made products are as of high quality as the European products and as cheap as the Chinese ones.
  • Turkey signed the Customs Union with EU in 1995, so importing goods from Turkey to EU countries is no different than importing them from one European country to another. Turkey has 19 free zones which makes the exporting of goods to EU easier and more advantageous.
  • Turkey signed bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with a large number of countries.

Made in turkey products new demand is increasing worldwide 8.4 % yoy


Made in turkey products new demand is increasing worldwide 8.4 % yoy

Made in turkey products new demand is increasing worldwide 8.4 % yoy

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