Many importers are asking, What is an ATR or A.TR is an EU acronym, standing for? “Admission Temporaire Roulette”.

  • It is a customs certificate for the movement of commercial merchandise.
  • A separate certificate is needed for every UK-Turkey consignment.
  • It grants preferential rates of duty (largely zero) for imports and exports between the European Union and Turkey.
  • This applies underneath the terms of the Customs Union agreement between the EU & Turkey, which came into effect thirty first December 1995.
  • The intention was that industrial goods can travel between the EU and Turkey with out customs restriction. For all sensible purposes, most consumer products are included in this definition.
  • HMRC rules relating to “European community preferences – trade with Turkey” is set out in Notice 812.
  • At the time of writing, the newest update was 09/12/2014, simply click on on the hyperlink beneath.
  • All potential exporters and importers are required to read Notice 812

What is an ATR Certificate?


What is the ATR Certificate for?

The certificate is utilized by HMRC (and its Turkish equivalent) to find out the rate of duty to be utilized upon import/export of most industrial items between the EU and Turkey. With the certificate, the duty on such items is normally zero; with out it, regular non-EU customs tariffs would apply.

Copies of all customs documentation (together with the ATR certificate) have to be retained for at the least 3 years, since retrospective customs investigations can happen for 3 years from cargo. If you can not produce such documentation on demand, then you could be compelled to pay the full tariff retrospectively. 


Who wants an ATR Certificate, and when?

You need an ATR Certificate to avoid paying customs duty on industrial merchandise; a separate ATR Certificate is required for each such consignment between the EU and Turkey. The time period “industrial products” additionally covers most consumer items. 


What industrial merchandise are covered by an ATR Certificate?

It is simpler to say what can’t be covered. Most agricultural merchandise & all coal and metal merchandise CANNOT be covered; all different industrial merchandise may be (together with consumer items as talked about beforehand).

Additionally: the products should either originate in, or be in “free circulation” inside, the exporting nation. By “free circulation” they mean freely available to be used – i.e. not held in some kind of customs warehouse, and never nonetheless subject to outstanding import formalities / duties / charges and so on. 


This sounds difficult – can I get assistance?

Of course. For skilled freight forwarders from the UK to Turkey or return it is not as bad as it first sounds. While there is so much to get right, while you do it often, it turns into second nature.

When shipping with Barrington Freight to Turkey, we’re pleased to advise or help you with the process. If you want, we will even manage a lot of the paperwork in your behalf (together with the ATR); we make a small charge for this service, and in addition for crucial disbursements e.g. purchase of the certificates. 


Where do I apply for an ATR Certificate?

It isn’t that simple; so for simplicity, allow us to take into consideration exporting from the UK to Turkey. Though it is comparable in precept for UK imports from Turkey, these ATR certificates will probably be applied for in Turkey.

You begin with an original clean ATR certificate (in any other case often known as HMRC type C1232) – however you can’t obtain it; in actual fact you won’t usually get it from the HMRC at all. The whole process is dealt with by the British Chambers of Commerce. You can solely use forms which have been issued directly by the Chamber of Commerce; you can’t copy blank forms, or duplicate them in any manner, you MUST use original forms.

Physically, this is a three-part copy; as soon as completed and returned to the Chamber of Commerce, they’ll check it (and the supporting paperwork) for accuracy. They preserve the underside (white) copy for their information, while the top copies are returned to you with their authentication mark. One top copy travels with the consignment and is offered to Turkish customs by the importer. The other copy needs to be retained by you in your records.

Some chambers (together with our local chamber right here in Essex) additionally function an electronic submission service, which may save plenty of time – particularly when you’ve got pressing exports to Turkey.

There is a cost for issuing the ATR. Most individuals use a local Chamber of Commerce; as a member, the costs are usually discounted by around 50%. Look for your local one right here: 

What supporting documentation do I require?

The application for an ATR certificate have to be accompanied by a replica of your commercial invoice, and proof that the products either originate from (or are in free circulation within) the UK. The latter may be satisfied by an appropriate “Exporter Statement” on your Company Letterhead paper. 

What is an ATR
What is an ATR


How long will my ATR application take?

Assuming your supporting documentation is correct, and also you go to the Chamber of Commerce personally, an ATR certificates can typically be issued while you wait. Conversely, postal applications can take effectively over a week; keep in mind, the clean forms are posted to you, you fill it in and post back to the chamber, they authenticate it, after which post again to you once again. Electronic submission makes it a lot quicker.

Before applying for your first ATR, you MUST arrange a “Formal Undertaking” with the Chamber of Commerce, which binds you to the Standard Rules of issue for numerous commerce documentation. If you haven’t beforehand performed this, remember to include this step in your timescales! 


What about UK imports from Turkey?

Normally, the certification will probably be undertaken by the exporter; so they may acquire all essential paperwork. You simply present it to UK customs upon receipt of products. If you’re buying the products immediately in Turkey, and arranging export from Turkey to UK your self, it is then your duty; we’re pleased to advise our clients on all elements of the ATR process. 


Where can I get help and recommendation on understanding what is an ATR?

Barrington Freight are a freight forwarding firm, arranging worldwide transport for UK importers and exporters. They will happily advise on What is an ATR certificates for, preparation, customs declarations, customs clearance, import VAT and import duties.


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