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Industry Spotlight 

Production in the Turkish machinery sector has increased more than doubled in 10 years. With its rapid development and the potential it has, the Turkish Machinery Sector is a sector which is increasing its share in the Turkish economy and exports.

The share of Turkish machinery export is almost 11% in Turkey’s total export. Turkey exports machinery to more than 200 countries (including free zones).

Turkey ranks 26th in world’s machinery export, 23rd  in world’s machinery import in 2018. Over the last 15 years, machinery export has increased 10 fold. About 60% of machinery export is to EU and the USA.

The share of machinery sector in total export of Turkey was almost %11 in 2019.


  • Developed engineering skills and quick adaptation to new technologies
  • Quality awareness
  • Young workforce
  • Sufficient facilities (like industrial zones) and sufficient infrastructure
  • Advanced sub-industry
  • Rapid adaptation to international manufacturing standards
  • Domestic supply of raw materials
  • Flexible structure of SMEs (Most of the active companies in the machine manufacturing industry in Turkey are SMEs)
  • High level organization of the sector