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Is your website loading fast for foreign customers?

Is your website loading fast for foreign customers?

When you design and build a website, it must be efficient and user-friendly not only for local customers but for foreign customers as well. Company Website Performance: The website must open fast and should be easy to navigate with a well-structured menu system,  If your website does not open fast, most buyers will not wait […]

Two steps to SEO Optimize your images for YeniExpo listings and Google search results

Berberler toptan ihracat export yeniexpo

Before loading your product images on YeniExpo, I am going to request from you to do two steps in order to SEO Optimize your images for YeniExpo listings and Google search results. Images are important as a visual representation of the product. It gives a lot of information in a very short time. Like they […]

11 reasons why Turkish Exporters should join and be members on

Yeniexpo b b toptan ihracat export is a growing digital B2B Export marketing platform that specializes in helping Turkish suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and exporters, increase their international sales and reach new foreign markets. introduces Turkish companies, brands, and products to world market through our online wholesale marketplace website. Member company products are posted on  and optimized highly for […]

Top Wholesale Fashion Clothing Suppliers in Istanbul Turkey

Fashion by didem unlu cachet fabric apparel women clothes

If you are looking for wholesale fashion clothing suppliers in Turkey, we recommend the following companies: Whocit Clothing & Fashion Turkey Wow-Wholesale Women’s Clothing Turkey Fimka Store Clothing & Fashion Turkey Clup Fashion Clothing Turkey Turkopt  Clothing & Fashion Turkey Turkey has many wholesale clothing suppliers. These suppliers can provide the best products to your […]

YeniExpo is an internet marketing and advertising platform

Pazarlama tohum ekmeye benzer

Online marketing and advertisement is a powerful tool to reach out to customers. It is in fact the best way for advertisers to promote and market their products and services worldwide from the comfort of their office and keyboard. In comparison with print and media advertising, Internet advertising has proved to be an effective solution […]

What can I buy for 500 Turkish Lira on a shopping trip to the mall?

Molyer maskeret casual men shoes

500 Turkish Lira (US$90) are good enough for a day trip to the mall to shop for clothing on sale at Turkish BRANDS such as Mavi, Koton, DeFacto, and LC Waikiki. You will find many clothes items on sale for around 25TL+Tax (around US$4.50) per piece. In fact Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to shop for excellent […]

Are Made in Turkey Products good for Exports?

Are made in turkey products good for exports?

Yes. Most Made in Turkey products are probably better and cheaper than many European and Asian products. “Excellent Quality at Cheaper Price” Turkey is a fast developing country. Turkey’s exports and gross domestic production are growing annually. Turkey is a great source for textile and fashion products. The material and production is high quality. It […]

Turkish Export Directory

Yeniexpo, ihracatçı firmanızın rünleriniz için yeni  alıcılar bulması için yeni bir kapı açıyor.,  is an online business-to-business (B2B) wholesale platform helping Turkish businesses to promote, sell, and  #Export internationally is an export directory, connecting foreign buyers and Turkish suppliers. Visit our website and explore Turkish made products available for Export from several sources! Find competent and reliable manufacturers and factories now. Quality Turkey products. Deal with the source […]