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Top 5 Residential and Commercial Construction Companies in Turkey

Top 5 residential and commercial construction companies in turkey

Turkey is a growing real estate market in Europe and Asia. Turkey has a strategic location on the crossroad between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The population of 83 million people offers wonderful opportunities for Turkish and foreign real estate developers and investors. No matter what size is the project whether a large […]

Top Toys Brands, Manufacturers and Exporter of Turkey

Simsek toys children’s pink game house

Turkish toy market growing and exports are increasing year by year but slowly. Export growth is noticeable in the eco-friendly wooden toys as compared to the plastic and electronics toys categories. Plastic toy production in Turkey comprises at least 70% of the total toy production. In 2017, toy production used about 21,000 tons of plastic […]

Where can I find sources for Apparel Garments Textile suppliers in Turkey?

Clothing and Apparels

In Turkey, there are many sources for Apparel Garments Textile suppliers. Exports are a significant factor in Turkey’s economy, which grew at a 5+ percent rate in the second quarter, second only to China and India. Turkey is already the world’s sixth-largest producer of ready-to-wear garments and the second-largest producer of carpeting. You can find […]

Turkish Fashion and Bridal Dresses for Wholesale Clothing Stores Türk Modası

Aysira wedding bridal gown dress bs00325

YeniExpo will be presenting gorgeous Turkish women and men fashion clothing including Bridal Dresses and Evening Gowns for Wholesale Clothing Stores worldwide. Türk Modası Turkish Fashion Fashion Designers Formal Wear Outerwear Jeans Wear Knitwear Leather Clothing Swimwear Sportswear Medical Clothing Work Uniforms Weddings Party Costumes Women Fashion Bridal Wedding Dresses Evening Dresses Boutiques Women’s Underwear […]

Top 4 Kids Playground Equipment Slide Swing Outdoor Sets Suppliers in Turkey

Top 4 kids playground equipment slide swing outdoor sets suppliers in turkey

We introduce our international customers to the top 4 Kids Playground Equipment Slide Swing Outdoor Sets Suppliers in Turkey. These suppliers export playground, playpark, or play area swing sets and outdoor play equipment. All products are custom designed and manufactured of the highest safety and quality standards. The commercial kids’ playground play equipment sets include […]

Turkish Towels Peshtemals 100% Organic Pure Cotton

Berberler rebeka 100% turkish cotton bath robe bathrobe bornoz  men women unisex towel set

Turkish towels are quite easy, light in weight, thin and energy-efficient when compared to typical terry cloth made towels. Turkish towels are used since ancient times. It was initially used in Turkey from which it spread in other various parts of the world with time. Turkish towels are considered the first towel ever invented. They […]