Exporting products from Turkey (or any country for that matter) is easy now a days. You can just follow this easy steps,

  1. Form an trading company and register it with the chamber of commerce
  2. Open a business Bank Account with a private or public bank.
  3. Find out if you need an export license for the commodity you are selling
  4. Do a Market Research in the target country
  5. Find Buyers thru online platforms like www.YeniExpo.com
  6. Negotiate with buyers on specifications, price and terms
  7. Find a reputable Freight Forwarder to handle your shipments and to get you the best cost for shipping and insurance
  8. The freight forwarder will arrange transportation of the goods on containers from your loading dock to the port nearest to you.
  9. Freight forwarder will help you with export documents that you need to send to your buyer such as (Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, and Bill of Lading). Sometime other documents are required by importing country such as UL or CE certification.

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