Do Important Oils Actually ? And Why?

What does the analysis say about what important oils can truly do?

Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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36 thoughts on “Do Essential Oils Really Work? And Why?

  1. j4d3 goat says:

    It's not very hard to put forward a likely hypothesis.
    Most essential oils smell pleasant.
    Pleasant smells tend to evoke positive feelings (usually).
    If you feel positive, that tends to release endorphins (IIRC) which make you feel good and (I think) help with healing.

  2. daryl lacasse says:

    Essential oils seem to be commonly anti-bacterial. Perhaps ancestors who were attracted to such substances had better survival rates. I think something similar has been put forward regarding a preference for spicy food. I would guess that is why the sound of running water is relaxing. Usually running water is the safer option when needing a drink in the wild.

  3. Waltzdisney says:

    I bought of few for olfactory training to regain my sense of smell after losing it because of Covid. Now I'm that I'm recovered, I'm left with a whole bunch… I'd use a few of them as an air freshener, or to kill ants in my backyard lol….

  4. Eric Schulze says:

    I think it's called perfume. . .no ? this stuff was labeled essential as a marketing ploy and boy it sure worked the pyramid and quarts people swear by it most of them attempt to do yoga and Buddhist chants too it has basically become a tool to help people with psychological problems so I guess it really is essential

  5. The Incredible Hunk says:

    Although I don't believe essential oils are a divine medicine that can cure even cancer like some people believe.
    I still use essential oil whenever I have a headache, the menthol combined with the smell of the oil actually helps a lot. I would still prefer a Tylenol tho.

  6. Nannette Freeman says:

    I rid my home of a mouse infestation using nothing but peppermint oil soaked cotton balls. I mean, a GRIP of peppermint soaked cotton balls, but no snap traps, glue.traps or poison, coz I have pets (who ALSO couldn't stand the minty-fresh smell, but at least it didn't kill or injure them).

  7. C.R. Blankenship says:

    When he's saying that essential oils aren't essential, I think that may be an etymological quirk. It's not essential as in "essential services": something that is absolutely necessary. It's "essential" as in "essence," in the same way we'd say "essentially, this or that," in in the Chamber of Secrets when Ron says "Ugh, essence of Crabbe!" Somewhat confusing, but probably all related to the same etymological roots.

  8. Freshrimp says:

    I think placebo may be a part of it, my mom uses oils, and she always says they work for her, along with the rest of my family, yet me, who is more skeptical about them, they've never done anything but smell nice and never help, though that could just be my brain making a connection when there is none idk I'm not a doctor and most of the people talking about these aren't either.

  9. Ludo Kerfluffle says:

    Everyday smells have the same effects. The life history is a part of this. Did you have a good memory associated with a smell? Did your parent(s)/care taker have these smells? I remember a paper from college that found people that grew up with a garbage man in the family or lived near garbage dump were relaxed by the smell of garbage. Not because the smell "has properties" but because the brain recognized a familiar smell.

    My grandmother dusted the living room wood wall paneling with lemon pledge. I use a lemon scented cleaner now. And the smell relaxes me. It's because I as an individual have an association with lemon smell.

    The interaction of senses and memory and emotion is awesome and need not be "woo" or taken advantage of. It can be a wonderful aspect of life without making scents into a mystic immeasurable force of the unknown universe.

    Anyone opening a door and smelling your favorite mell knows there's nothing mysterious about the connection.

  10. Fred Bach says:

    Some oils like peppermint are excellent antibiotics especially for the skin. Peppermint kills MRSA and VRSA dead. There is an NIH paper on this from about 2017. The push behind the research was the rapid rate at which some bugs gained resistance to the antibiotics man was inventing. The final paragraph went something like this : "There is no doubt that these essential oils will be a useful adjunct in the fight against microbial drug resistance. "

  11. I AM Jeislynn says:

    Essential Oils are concentrated plant based extracts which are 40-70x more potent than the herb plant flower leaf root or bark it is derived from. Aromatherapy is the first form of medicine known to mankind, there are plants for everything. Prescription drugs are derived from isolated plant material with added synthetic materials in order to patent the drug + profit. What if "essential oil cults" and karens are actually right about them working. rona doesnt stand a chance to eucalyptus oil. Western medicine and their crutch on research (which is funded by the big boys and manipulated for propaganda) has skewed people to not think for themselves but to trust the science, how can science be more intelligent than nature? never.

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