We have visited several recently in Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya.The trade fairs covered several industry sectors including agriculture, shoes, toys, jewelry, machinery, textile, and more.

We have noticed a common theme amongst all the fairs. What we noticed was few customers visiting and walking at the fairs.Whether from within Turkey or from abroad, it was similar.Even the booth staff of the exhibiting companies have complained about the low turn out in general.

For many years, trade fairs where a traditional way to showcase new products and find new .Buyers came from all over the world to attend these fairs and look at the latest trends in the industry, meet with vendors, and source new products.

At the present time, the internet have changed this process.Foreign buyers are searching the internet to find their new products.The buyers are now visiting internet sourcing sites like YeniExpo.com to find new vendors. They are also contacting with them online.

Once foreign buyers identify potential sources for their imports, they may decide to come visit the supplier directly at their factory, or visit the trade fairs to meet with several suppliers under one roof.The internet is helping in identifying potential vendors and in making a short list of best business partners to reach out to and do business with.

Don't rely on just foot from trade fairs.Be proactive and communicate with potential buyers online.We invite all Turkish suppliers, manufacturer, wholesalers, and exporters to start using YeniExpo.com to reach out to foreign buyers. Basic registration is FREE.


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