500 (US$90) are enough for a day to the to shop for clothing on sale at Turkish BRANDS such as MaviKoton, DeFacto, and LC Waikiki. You will find many clothes items on sale for around 25TL+Tax (around US$4.50) per piece.

In fact Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to shop for excellent quality apparels and Genuine Leather shoes.

What can i buy for 500 turkish lira on a shopping trip to the mall?
Türk Ayakkabı Sektörü Üretimi ve İhracatı

You can buy a Genuine Leather Men shoes for as little as 125TL at retail stores on sale. That is only US$22.50. For the same style shoes you would pay 4 to 5 times more in any European or US store.

So, yes your money goes a long way in Turkey if you are for quality clothes and shoes. Also food is very affordable at Turkish restaurants. That is why most tourists that come to Turkey go back happy.

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