Before loading your product images on YeniExpo, I am going to request from you to do two steps in order to SEO Optimize your images for YeniExpo listings and Google search results.

Images are important as a visual representation of the product. It gives a lot of information in a very short time. Like they say, “an image is worth a thousand words”.

Before adding images to your listing you should optimize it in order for it to load fast when a customer is browsing your product. Also when GOOGLE search engine bot is trying to read your image for indexing on google search engine, the image must have all the necessary information.

Having the correct information on your image will rank it higher on google image results. Thus will drive more traffic to your product page.

Images should have the following Meta data information to rank high on google:

  • Filename
  • Title *
  • ALT Text *
  • Description *
  • Caption *
  • Keywords (#Hashtags) *
  • Size

* Our YeniExpo system will automatically generate the rest of the meta data for your image.

All we want you to concentrate on are the Filename and the Size of the image file for now.

According to WPPromote, there isn’t too much to do with your image filename, but you should keep two things in mind.

  • First, give descriptive and informative filenames for your images that contain relevant keywords. Filenames are sometimes used for the image’s snippet in Google image search results so it’s important they are written with users in mind.
  • Second, use hyphens (-) between the words in the filename; it’s best practice.

Optimizing File Names

According to SEjournal “Google uses the file names of images to gauge exactly what the subject of an image is.

By optimizing file names in accordance with optimizations of alt text and title text, it is possible to provide increased understanding that will help your images rank in image search.

For the most part, you don’t need long file names with long descriptive text.

The keyword phrase that mostly describes the image is fine.

Just make sure that your file name text also accurately reflects what the image is about.”


Do not load a very large image higher than 1400×1400 pixels. Large image sizes slow down the page loading time. Every millisecond counts. Slow loading pages are abandoned quickly. Your goal is to have the customers enjoy their browsing experience and not bounce away.

Do not leave the image filename as image-1.jpg, photo1.jpg, or similar uninformative names. This will not help at all with SEO optimization or search engine ranking.


First step: Resize your image to proper size. While resizing your image. compress it also. You can use this website to help you do that. Or you can download the Bulk image resizer and compressor and you can do this in bulk on your desktop.

Second step: Change the resized and compressed image name to describe the product you are selling. For ranking higher on google, write the name in English (other languages are ok, but since YeniExpo is mainly in English, and your listings are in English, write title in English).

Choose the right format

For images, the right format we recommend to:

  • choose JPEG for larger photos or illustrations: it will give you good results in terms of colors and clarity with a relatively small file size. Our system automatically converts the JPEG images to WebP. It will produce high-quality results with smaller file sizes and faster loading speed.
  • use PNG only if you want to preserve background transparency; otherwise, we don’t recommend it since it creates a large file size and that impacts the page loading speed.


Two steps to seo optimize your images for yeniexpo listings and google search results

The name of this image is as follows:


As you can see, this product image has the following information (keywords):

  • 4: Is the image number in this series of images for this product
  • Balnea-Home: is the Brand Name of the product
  • Milet-Turkish-Towels-Peshtmals-Organic-Pure-Cotton-380gr: is the product name
  • YeniExpo: is our website name
  • Export: is the purpose of this listing

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