The Republic of Turkey Investment Support and Promotion Agency (ISPAT)
 is the official organization for promoting Turkey’s investment opportunities to the global business community and for providing assistance to investors before, during, and after their entry into Turkey. ISPAT is in charge of encouraging investments that are needed for the further economic development of Turkey. To this end, ISPAT supports high-technology, value-added, and employment-generating investments with its facilitation and follow-up services during whole processes of relevant investments.

Active on a global scale, ISPAT operates with a network of local consultants based in countries such as Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, the UAE, the UK, and the USA. ISPAT offers an extensive range of services to investors through a one-stop-shop approach, ensuring that they obtain optimal results from their investments in Turkey. ISPAT’s team of professionals can assist investors in a variety of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Working on a fully confidential basis, as well as combining the private sector approach with the backing of all governmental bodies, ISPAT’s free-of-charge services include the following:

Consulting Services

ISPAT’s consulting services offer investors general and customized business information, such as providing updates and guidance on the latest laws and regulations with respect to FDI, establishing a business in Turkey, sector-specific and macroeconomic data, state incentives, operational costs, taxation, as well as detailed industry analysis and market reports in various sectors in an effort to help global investors fully comprehend the potential of the Turkish market.

Coordination Services

One of the essential services provided by ISPAT to newcomers and the existing investor community in Turkey is the coordination and maintenance of relationships with governmental bodies, local authorities, business associations, and other stakeholders such as universities, service providers, and non-governmental organizations. ISPAT plays a key role in facilitation of organizing ad-hoc B2B and B2G meetings, functioning as a bridge between the government, private sector, and investor. In order to provide smooth entry into Turkey, ISPAT assists with the initial introductory connections and meetings with potential suppliers, customers, and service providers based upon the needs of the related investment project and investor.

Business Facilitation Services

Services offered for projects that fall under ISPAT’s field of responsibility involve informing investors about bureaucratic processes and procedures and following all stages of the investment processes. The latter involves assistance with establishing business operations, work and resident permit applications, incentive applications, environmental impact assessment processes, and other relevant licenses. Every phase is handled with a result-oriented, tailor-made approach aimed at facilitating and accelerating bureaucratic procedures from beginning to end, step by step.

Site Selection Support

ISPAT’s site selection team takes the lead on all investment related processes, including searching for available sites and conducting land studies with required information about costs of acquisition, electricity connection, natural gas, water supply, and other utilities. ISPAT’s support for site selection services is not limited to desk-bound research, but also includes holding site visits with investors, following up infrastructure work, coordinating land development, and collecting all related data and information on-site with regard to feasibility.

Investment Delegation Visits

ISPAT provides investors with logistical support for their visits to Turkey. ISPAT’s team of professionals not only organizes meetings with the business community and governmental bodies, it also plans the whole trip for investors, allowing them to have peace of mind during their visits. ISPAT helps investors to find a suitable location for accommodation and provides transfers from the airport to the hotel and meeting locations.

Project Launch Services

ISPAT offers project launch services to investors that decide to invest in Turkey. These services include creating and distributing press releases to mark the announcement of investments, organizing groundbreaking and inauguration ceremonies, and other related PR activities for the launch of the investment.

Partnership Development Assistance

When it comes to international investments, cooperation between international and local companies may be very beneficial for both sides. ISPAT assists both multinational and Turkish companies to find suitable partners for possible Joint Ventures, M&As, and projects to be run in Turkey.

Aftercare Services

ISPAT does not abandon investors after their projects are completed; it continues to stay in contact with investors on a regular basis in order to ensure that every phase in the continuing life cycle of the project goes smoothly. Whenever an investor in Turkey has an investment-related issue, ISPAT provides a wide range of exclusive aftercare services, such as mediation between the government and investors, expansion assistance, workshops and surveys about the investment climate, and policy advocacy regarding the investment climate.

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