Turkey is the Solution not the Problem

Here is why:

A Refugees Haven

While most other countries refused entry to Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian, and other refugees, Turkey and its people opened their arms and welcomed their brothers and sisters. They shared with them their food and land. This is not new for the Turkish people. Read the history. Turkey welcomed refugees from all over the world in the last 150 years.

Turkey a bright star in the sky of economy and world politics 2021
Toronto: SOS by Ann Hirsch & Jeremy Angier – 25 figures cling to inner tubes on the water, each figure represents more than one million refugees in the world.


Tourism Travel Destination:

On average over 30 to 40 million people travel to Turkey every year for their annual vacation and relaxation. Why? Because it is affordable, has beautiful beaches, resorts, hospitable people, great food, ancient attractions, and wonderful nature.


Turkey a bright star in the sky of economy and world politics 2021

Source of Cheaper Skilled Labor

Many European and Foreign companies are investing in Turkey to produce their products because of the highly skilled labor, favorite investment incentives, growing and progressing infrastructures, developing logistics and transportation systems, 23+ Free Trade zones, advanced Sea and Air Port facilities, and proximity to 2 Trillion people market within 5 hours flight from Istanbul.


Turkey a bright star in the sky of economy and world politics 2021

Major World Destination for Medical Treatment and Services.

While treatment for a COVID-19 patient costs the insurance system over US$25,000+ in the USA and EU, it is provided FREE for Turkish citizens in modern medical facilities well equipped to handle any emergencies.

Turkey is one of the five world leaders in health tourism. More and more foreign patients visit the country to treat chronic diseases and get Dental, Oncology, Plastic Surgeries, and Hair Transplant, and other cosmetic treatment. More than 1 million foreign patients visited Turkish hospitals during the last year. Source: Health tourism in 2020


Turkey a bright star in the sky of economy and world politics 2021

Turkey’s National Leadership

Many people and nations might disagree with Turkey’s domestic and foreign politics, but they should look at their own political parties actions, double standard foreign policies, and their own economic and unemployment domestic issues.

The whole world is facing a financial problem due to many decades of borrow and spend policies. Look at your own country and judge for yourself with an objective eye.

Did your leaders, who got you to where you are now, have your best interest in mind? Did they use the power they enjoy in office to the best interest of the country and its people? or did they mainly cater to the special interest groups, and political lobbies?

The current Turkish leadership, regardless of all the unfounded claims against it, have worked tirelessly for the interest of the country and its people and young generation. This is clearly visible in the progress achieved in the last 20 years in the country.

The standard-of-living of the Turkish people have significantly increased. According to the world bank reports, the Gross Domestic Product GDP of Turkey have multiplied FOUR times in the same period. The country became a major producer and exporter of products in the region.



Turkey a bright star in the sky of economy and world politics 2021
Çanakkale, Türkiye


The Turkish government is working with their domestic political partners to continue the progress and development of the country and to strengthen its domestic economy, financial stability, Manufacturing and Industrial facilities, Educational System, Research and Development institution, Road and Highways infrastructures, logistics and transportation systems, armed forced and defense systems, and more.

This is why, unfortunately, many foreign governments in the world are using their media channels to bash Turkey and its leadership to cover their own domestic problems and mismanagement.

May Allah continue to bless Turkey, its People, and its Leaders

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