24 thoughts on “7 MIND BLOWING Logo Design Tips ✍

  1. ajay singh says:

    Well if anyone never seen apple logo or sony logo.. Then chop it half then might be he dont recognized them.. Its all about we saw those product logo everyday so we remembered it so if you chop it, squeezed it, we know whats that..

  2. R Ac says:

    First… None of these “tips” are mind blowing; none of them. I call them basic at best. The last tip – irrelevant.

    The logo is the brand. What it is and what it represents to the company and its customers. If this video is geared towards non-designers… Then it’s ok. When a designer is coming up with a logo they already have a running check-list (in their mind) that they keep going back and forth to as the development goes on. One “tip” i would’ve added is… never go to the computer first. It is the last part of the process. Sketch 20 ideas… that might be ok for the first day or two. Usually good designers sketch a lot more. After you have a few potential ideas… Don’t look at them for a few hours, or a day. Then come back fresh and then refine them. then refine again… then…

    Be Geometric… – Silly “tip” Sometimes, but not even half the time. Unless that is part of a clients wish or Creative Brief.

  3. The Ghost of Tom Joad says:

    The abstract logo design is a great concept… for a major corporation that advertises and has millions of products on the street. HOWEVER, many small local businesses (such as the dog walker you mention) lack that luxury. Also, they request a logo that reflects their product or service. And since they're paying, it's best to listen to them and develop a tasteful logo that includes their product or service. With "tasteful" being the operative word since Lord knows I've seen dozens of clumsy, ill-advised logos on local businesses.

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