Successful blogs often lead to strong online communities. enables visitors to submit posts from the frontend of our site. Users can contribute with amazing ideas of their own.

YeniExpo is opening their site up to user-submitted articles. The more quality content you publish, the better.  Writing is a matter of passion for many people.

Sharing your articles through an auspicious channel like our News Blog section would be one of the most convenient media as it ensures a great degree of exposure to numerous audience.


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Suggested Post Topics:

  • Exports Imports Industry Related News
  • B2B Marketplace Future Benefits
  • New Products or Company Public Announcements
  • Export Business Development
  • Sector Industry News
  • International Trade
  • Products Development
  • Trade Fairs / Shows Reports
  • And more….


Submitting your article is simple:

  1. Become a member on YeniExpo website
  2. Post your article below.
  3. Your articles will be reviewed, and if it meets our standards it will be published.

You can use our form below that lets our writers:

  • Add content to their post
  • Upload their own featured image
  • Select categories for the post
  • And more.

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Terms and Conditions of Article Submission


  • User Data: User Submitted Posts enables users to submit post content. It collects data only from users who voluntarily submit content via the form. The only involuntary data that is collected is the IP address of the person submitting the form. This is required to prevent spam posters. By submitting your post, you agree to collecting your IP address.
  • Cookies: This plugin uses simple cookies to enable dynamic form functionality. No cookies are used for any other purpose.
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If published, your article will in principle remain published permanently, with your personal details and those of your co-authors, as well as those of the reviewers and handling editors, on the YeniExpo Website, and will be stored and made public in archives, in repositories and potentially in other places. By submitting, reviewing or accepting editorial responsibilities for an article you consent to a limited amount of your personal data being thus published.

When you submit an article, you promise that

  • You have the explicit consent of all co-authors to submit the article and to accept these conditions, including the granting of the CC-BY or other applicable license, on behalf of all co-authors.
  • You have the authorization of all copyright owners (which may include your employer or funder, and any owners of third-party graphics) to submit the article and to grant the CC-BY or other applicable license over the article;
  • the article does not contain any non-attributed content from any existing source, including the authors’ own existing material;
  • all contributors have been adequately acknowledged;

Acceptance and Rejection

Acceptance is at YeniExpo’s discretion in accordance with its rules and processes. Once accepted, an article will in principle be published; on rare occasions an issue causing rejection may arise or be discovered, in which case the article may be rejected prior to publication despite having been previously accepted.


There is no prior right to publication. Articles submitted will be subjected to checks, editing to meet our standards.



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