Turkish towels are quite easy, light in weight, thin and energy-efficient when compared to typical terry cloth made towels. Turkish towels are used since ancient times. It was initially used in Turkey from which it spread in other various parts of the world with time.

Turkish towels peshtemals 100% organic pure cotton

Turkish towels are considered the first towel ever invented. They are generally made on Turkish wooden looms from 100% Turkish finest natural cotton and bamboo fiber.

Turkish towels are also known as Fouta, or Hammam Towels are the perfect travel accessory; lightweight, quick-drying and easy to pack can be used as beach towels, sarong wraps, picnic blankets, and scarves.

Mediterien Deep blog mentions that “Turkish towels are very absorbent. This can be surprising to some people because they are so thin and lightweight. However, their thickness does not keep them from doing their job and actually makes them a perfect compact travel companion.”

Key features of Turkish Towels:

  • High quality: 100% organic pure Turkish cotton
  • Lightweight & less space: Rolls up neatly to pack & go.
  • Quick-drying: Dries more quickly both by air and tumble drier
  • Natural-dyed, pure cotton, no harmful substances or chemicals, eco-friendly.

The Turkish towels dry quite fast and it is not found to make any musty smell that is quite often found in traditional terry cloth made towels.

Turkish towels can be washed in a washer on the gentle cycle and dried on low heat. They can also air-dry very quickly. This is useful on the go and at the beach, as well as at home. The key is just to not over-dry them. It is best to wash them before you use them since they will shrink a little, but do not deteriorate in quality and actually get softer over time.

Turkish towels peshtemals 100% organic pure cotton

You can use them as a beach towel, blanket, or throw. The versatility of Turkish towels makes them ideal for several purposes. When you switch to Turkish towels, you will experience the difference yourself.

According to the TurkishTowels company, you can use your peshtemal towel in 30 different ways including:

  1. Bath towel
  2. Hair towel
  3. Beach towel
  4. Sarong/pareo/beach coverup
  5. Shawl
  6. End of bed blanket
  7. See more uses here

Turkish towels have tassels that add to their beauty and appeal. With time, these tassels might come undone, but they are easy to redo at home. Simply separate the untied tassel into two sections of equal size. Twist the two sections separately, and then roll the twisted sections together, before knotting the tip. To ensure the tassels don’t come undone too often, tighten them frequently, especially before and after every wash. Limit the times you wash your Turkish towel to keep the fibers intact.

Once found only in luxury hotels, Turkish towels are slowly becoming commonplace, with most online stores selling them. The demand has also led to a drop in the price.

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