Top 10 Turkish Shotguns Brands and OEM Manufacturers NEW 2022

When it comes to hunting and sporting Turkish Shotguns, Turkey is famous for state of the art computerized machinery with old traditional craftsmanship.

Most of these manufacturers and brands started out as independent gun-shops becoming subcontractor OEM manufacturers to the larger Italian and foreign brands. Eventually they used that extra revenues and profits to invest in their production equipment and increase their production capacity and quality to meet EU and American standards. Many are buying Italian licenses to produce and develop their own lines.

The finish is world class, and would satisfy the most discerning American or European gun-owner. The prices are extremely competitive with Chinese manufacturer, but at a much higher level of quality, workmanship, and attention to details. They have kept and nourished the skills and knowledge of building side-by-sides shotguns, which has been lost in most parts of the world. Turkish Shotguns brands (or their OEMs) are destined to dominate the shotgun market by the next decade. Indeed there are some fine firearms being exported from this country to the U.S. and Europe.

Here is a list of the top brands of Turkish Shotguns:

1- Akus Arms

Top 10 Turkish Shotguns Brands and OEM Manufacturers 2022


AKUS Arms Industry and Trade Inc. was established in Huğlu in 2003 with the participation of companies specialized in the manufacturing of shotguns.  Shotgun making in Huğlu is a craft that dates back to the early 20th century during The War of Independence of Turkey. The guns used in the war were repaired by Huğlu gunsmiths of the time as they were already familiar with metal working by hand. Since then these gunsmiths have handed down their crafts and craftsmanship to next generation enriched each time with the development of technology.

AKUS, utilizing the flawless craftsmanship of Turkey’s most skilled gunsmiths who have the knowledge and experience of many years with developing technologies of today in their machining workshop, have been increasing the line of premium quality shotgun making. Knowing the value of this cultural heritage and doing their best to preserve it, they are now the leading premium shotgun manufacturer of Turkey, with an approach that does not compromise on quality






3- Armsan

Armsan Silah Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, is the leading Turkish manufacturer and exporter of firearms, currently focused on production of smoothbore shotguns, having the necessary infrastructure

4- ATA Arms

ATA ARMS are a worldwide exporter: in 2018 ATA Arms presented an outstanding service to more than 70 countries, proving the wide appeal of its exceptional product range of Turkish Shotguns. Manufacturing 60.000 units annually of which 90% are exported reveals its worldwide success by reaching to the sky OEM Turkish Shotguns manufacturer for some Benelli’s models.

Ata Arms emphasizes the publicity as much as it does for technology and production. The company attends the IWA organized in Nurnberg and Shotshow organized in Las Vegas USA that are the most important fairs of the gun sector every year. It attracts attention as a sponsor in Prohunt Hunting, Gun and Nature Sports fair organized in Istanbul. Tey are also a regular exhibitor at the IDEF International Defense Fair organized in Tuyap, ISTANBUL.


5- Hatsan

Turkish Shotguns

HATSAN is one of the prestigious manufacturers of firearms in the world today. HATSAN manufacturing process includes machining of wood, machining of metal parts, heat treatment, coiling, finishing like honing, different types of chemical plating & bluing, injection molding, metal injection, mold making, welding, engraving, barrel drilling & barrel manufacturing, laser marking, laser engraving on wood & metal parts, camouflage coating, assembly, quality assurance testing, test shooting, etc.

HATSAN is the only authorized processor of Mossy Oak to camouflage Mossy Oak patterns in Turkey. Only raw material comes to HATSAN and the end product is the high quality & durable product. Raw materials that are used in HATSAN are of very high quality, like Turkish walnut and very high quality steel.


6- Huglu

Top 10 Turkish Shotguns Brands and OEM Manufacturers 2022

Huğlu, a charming town in Beyşehir district, is 32 km from Beyşehir. 126 km from Konya. 1410 mt on the Taurus. It was established in a rocky and non-crawling place at height. Some of the nomadic Turks who came from Central Asia engaged in animal husbandry. In the 13th century, they settled in Huğlu and another part in the village of Fıkla within the province of Antalya.   The people of Huğlu are artisanal. Initially, they sold horse and ox carts, water overalls and water mills, both to the environment and to those in the caravan that came and passed.

After the Balkan war, they started rifle repair and manufacturing. The Huğlu rifle has been appreciated for many years as a result of the shaping and joining of iron and walnut tree with its master hand, and its processing with its artisanal trick and rigor.  The town of Huğlu is a peaceful Anatolian town with patriotic, hardworking, artisanal but modest people.

7- Kral Arms

“Reliability, Mastery, Sensitivity” Started production 20 years ago with only shotgun in a modest workshop in 1997. ,Today the company has grown to over 24 registered brands, produced in a 18,000 square meters manufacturing facility under one roof, with over 250 employees, and exporting to 60 countries worldwide.  Their primary goal is to keep customers satisfied at the highest level, from product design to after-sales services. , in our company, which continues its activities with more than 20 years of experience and 24 registered brands.


8- Panzer Arms

Today Panzer Arms, is on their way to being a leader of the rifle market with its ergonomic structure, durability and up-to-date design.  Although they have a culture that follows the traditions, they continuously follow the trends in the market and backed up their innovative side with the traditions which are the absolute knowledge that has passed from father to son.  Panzer Arms exports Turkish Shotguns worldwide and assures the best experience that the customers will have while using all Panzer Arms TURKISH SHOTGUNS.


9- Sarsilmaz

Sarsılmaz has become a pioneering and innovative brand of Turkey in the arms industry, with many initiatory and countless achievements in its nearly 150-year history. The first step taken in Elazığ in 1880 was the beginning of the journey that takes to Istanbul in 1956. Combined with an innovative approach, this long-term journey created the brand with the largest integrated weapons manufacturing facilities in Europe. Today, Sarsılmaz is one of the world’s few manufacturers with a wide range of products ranging from sports weapons to pistols, Turkish Shotguns, and military weapons.

Behind this success lies an understanding that combines quality with innovative production processes, customer satisfaction with corporate organizational structure, innovative design and production processes and R&D activities of the future. Sarsılmaz is a brand that exports to almost 80 countries today, its products are used by civilian users, law enforcement organizations and the army of many countries of the world, especially Turkey.


10- Yildiz

Yildiz priority is to gain customer’s trust and satisfaction. Yıldız gives special interest to every customer. They manufacture hunting rifles with dark veins, colored dip chic, hand-engraved personal arm dimensions in its special packaging. Yildiz exports their brand of Turkish Shotguns to many countries and it is a popular brand in the USA and EU.



The Turkish shotguns tend to vary in price and quality upon who actually made them and when. They have improved greatly over the years and some now are world class competitors in the Sporting, Skeet and Trap shooting sport. They tend to be a little tighter when NEW than the Browning or Beretta, so they require a little break-in before they become as smooth. But after that they are on the most part quite excellent shotguns.

Turkish shotguns are actually some of the the best value shotguns you can get for the amazingly low price point. Sure, you can go out and buy a Beretta 1301 or a Benelli M4 and spend the big bucks. Or, you can buy a “Turkish Shotguns” for half the price and performs almost just as good saving yourself some major money.

Turkish shotguns offer a lot of value.

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