Creating Export Demand for Turkish Dried Fruits

Growing Worldwide Demand for Dried Fruits

According to the latest market report published by Transparency Market Research titled ‘Dried Fruits Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2018-2026‘, the revenue generated from Dried Fruits has been estimated to be valued over US$ 43.54 Bn in 2018, which is projected to increase at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period (2018-2026).  This rise is owed to increase in demand for Healthier Foods Across the world.

Export Marketing Programs

YeniExpo.com sector mission is to create a positive marketing environment within which the industry can collectively expand the worldwide export demand for Turkish Dried Fruits. This is facilitated by:

  • Identifying new markets (USA, CHINA, EU), and products opportunities through market research.
  • Conducting market development activities to improve the demand for all categories of Turkish Dried Fruits usage, including ingredient usage and for retail package, both branded and private label.
  • Coordinating an international marketing program with the Turkish Dried Fruits Association that may consist of both generic and branded activities including advertising, sales promotion and public relations.
  • Utilizing YeniExpo.com core Technology and eCommerce marketplace to connect with the international food trade, and end consumers.
    • Train sector members on best practice to list their products on the internet including YeniExpo.com to gain the most traffic and search results from Search Engines like Google (87%), Yandex, and Bing
    • Provide market research on best key phrases to use, in order to target professional wholesale buyers searching online for Dried Fruits
    • Follow Google guidelines on product page creation with best SEO optimization including proper Title, Content, Description, Specifications, Rich media images or videos, Keyword Density, URL, Linking, Power words, and more.

Creating new demand for turkish dried fruits promotions and marketing 2026

Dried Fruits Internet Search Terms Statistics:

Currently there are over 15 million pages on the internet that have the key phrase “Dried Fruits” posted on it.  Any new product page created must be able to compete with this many pages in order to show up in high position in search results.  If you can’t compete in organic search results, then you will need to buy Google Ads for your targeted Keywords.  That could add up to thousands of dollars easily.

YeniExpo.com provides an eCommerce platform with the latest technology and software.  This will give your products the tools to be listed in a proper SEO optimized way which achieve higher organic search results. The higher the position the better the results for your export sales.

We have researched the proper search terms related to the Turkish Dried Fruits and found the following:

Key Phrase

Average Monthly Searches 2020

California Raisins


dried apricots


dried figs


Dried Fruits


dried prunes




sun dried tomatoes


Turkish dried fruits

10 – 100

Turkish Raisins

10 – 100

These terms are used by consumers and wholesale buyers to search for information on the internet.  When we promote your products on YeniExpo.com we will utilize such search terms on our product page design.  As you can see, searching using the specific term “Turkish dried fruits” and Turkish Raisins” are done less than 100 times per month.  This needs to increase by promoting the Turkish sources.

We use content analysis software to optimize your products posts, to score between 80% – 100% in the SEO tests, and set up your articles to receive the most traffic from search engines. When you create a new post, one of your goals is obviously to attract traffic to your post, and software content analysis and optimization features are designed to achieve just that.

Our system gives us an automatic SEO score indicating if all the proper requirements are included in the product listing to gain a high ranking on Google:

  • Basic SEO requirements
  • Additional requirements
  • Title Readability
  • Content Readability

Creating new demand for turkish dried fruits promotions and marketing 2026

How will YeniExpo.com promote your Turkish Dried Fruits products?

When a company joins YeniExpo and add their products on the platform the system will start automatically promoting your products to

  • Search Engines such as Google and Bing (Promotion will include your company name, brand, products, product images, videos)
  • Social Media Pages including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

Creating new demand for turkish dried fruits promotions and marketing 2026

YeniExpo.com is growing

  • The YeniExpo B2B marketplace is getting traffic from many countries including USA, Germany, UK, and more.

Creating new demand for turkish dried fruits promotions and marketing 2026


Advantages Of Adding Products At YeniExpo.com:

  • Easy and fast setup of your store on the platform.
  • In 60 minutes, start promoting your Brand and Products to wholesale buyers internationally and locally.
  • Traditional methods no longer work. Digital online internet marketing is the only way to survive the economic impact of pandemic restrictions.
  • Thanks to YeniExpo latest software and SEO technology, your products will be found perfectly online when buyers search google, yahoo and other search engines.
  • Unlimited number of buyer bid requests
  • Only Turkish products are allowed on the platform
  • The main goal of YeniExpo.com is to increase the EXPORTS of Made in Turkey products.
  • YeniExpo has the experience and staff to help you list your products in the best way to attract the most traffic from wholesale buyers.


Membership Level and Annual Fee on YeniExpo:

Creating new demand for turkish dried fruits promotions and marketing 2026


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