Conventional Turkish Bread Varieties How To Make Pure Sourdough Breads Bread Recipe

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On this video you will notice how some sorts of bread produced in Turkey are made.
Doughs for use for making sourdough
The dough used at present and sourdough can be combined and reproduced for the subsequent day and pure sourdough can be made.
flour is added
including chilly water
That is all of the elements utilized in making sourdough, flour or water is added relying on the state of affairs.
flour, water and sourdough combined for quarter-hour with a chunk of dough separated from at present’s dough
a day later, after about 16 hours, the sourdough has risen and is prepared
Including some sourdough and white wheat flour for white bread dough
Ice blocks are added because the water is chilly and the climate is scorching.
mixing and dough kneading course of begins, it should take a median of half an hour
After mixing the dough for half an hour, salt is added.
Just a little water can be added to dissolve the salt.
bubbles began to type on the dough
the dough is managed by reducing it with a knife
The white bread dough is transferred to the large dough vat
making ready dough for brown bread
sourdough, brown wheat flour and ice water are used

Dough reducing stage
Doughs are reduce for making pita bread, 640 grams of pita dough
dough is rolled and left to relaxation
These doughs can be made into pita bread after about 1 hour.
now regular bread, small bread and huge bread dough are reduce and rolled by machine
It makes use of lots of flour to forestall sticking throughout these processes.
small loaves are being ready
320 grams of standard measurement white bread dough
giant loaves double the burden 640 grams
the stage of giving the dough to the form of bread by hand
After the bread is formed, the dough is added to the fabric and left to ferment right here.
pan breads and flower bread forming stage
pan bread would be the mixture of two regular breads, 640 grams
The flower bread dough is smeared with oil, the massive bread dough is split into 7 equal components
The dough balls are rolled and added to the tray, when it rises, there can be a bread that may utterly cowl this tray.
this dough would be the largest breads to be made, they are going to be spherical in form, 1260 grams

the ready dough is fermented and can be began so as, firstly pita breads can be made.
including bran on the counter
The combination referred to as slurry, which was ready earlier than, is added to the dough and formed.
If you wish to put together this combination, add 1 glass of flour to a mixing bowl and add 3 – 4 glasses of boiling water and blend, after it cools add 1 / 4 glass of molasses, that is it.
Earlier than including the dough to the baking shovel, it’s expanded a bit extra and sesame and black cumin seeds are added on it, and it’s added to the oven with a cooking time of 10 minutes.
This oven at a temperature of 165 levels was specifically made to bake the breads in one of the best ways, the stones had been set a bit excessive, a system was made on this method for the bread to be steamed and browned in one of the best ways.
After the pita is made, the small bread baking section begins.
little bread dough is added to the baking shovel,
The dough is reduce with a razor blade, it will likely be higher cooked in your dough and it’ll not keep uncooked.
medium white bread
The dough is barely wetted and sesame seeds are added.
Flower breads and pan breads are baked, giant white breads are added to the oven, giant brown breads are added
the most important breads, 1260 grams, large bread
You might have seen how the dough is made and the way it’s formed, all of the breads are on the counter now.
extra sorts of bread are made right here, these are the breads which are made in the usual method day by day
It’s sliced ​​in a bread reducing machine and supplied on the market.
this yellow wheat bread
this bakery has extra sorts of meals made apart from bread
Borek, simit, katmer, cake, cookies and desserts with syrup are additionally made #bread #sourdough #bestbreads

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