So you're searching for a brand new pair of boots? Well, you've gotten clicked on the correct video as a result of this video is all about boots. The thumbnail may need provided that away, but when not, now you realize!

For me, in addition to high quality, type, and flexibility play an enormous half on the subject of the footwear I'm going for. I do know there are boots on the market which might be just about indestructible and are insanely high quality, but when I don't just like the look of them, I don't wish to put on them. Unless I'm doing a little form of sensible activity that wants a sure boot for cover! I don't wish to be shedding any toes!

But I've received Combat boots, Chelsea boots, employee boots, and another random kinds of boots on this video so there's a lot to get by. I you benefit from the video!

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Axel Arigato –
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21 thoughts on “THE BEST STYLISH BOOTS FOR MEN 2023

  1. ChrisTheMonkey says:

    Get some cowboy boots. You can wear them with almost anything for any setting.

    Casual: boots,jeans and t-shirt
    Formal: boots, nice jeans/ dress pants and nice button shirt
    Fancy: boots, jeans/dress pants, button up shirt and suit jacket.

    Not to mention the different types of leather and color can make your boots more unique especially if you live outside America and Mexico. How often do you see someone wearing black colored string ray leather boots in the UK or light brown ostrich leather boots in Korea?

    They’re comfortable, unique and can wear them with just about anything

  2. kmmntrls says:

    I owned a pair of Vagabonds – Alex M Chelsea Boots and i can say the quality isn´t quite there. I had them for not more then 6 month and the inner lining on the heal is allready in a really bad shape on both boots. The lining is made of some really thin textile material. Other than that they held up good. but thats a big no go for me.

  3. Raed Jibrail says:

    Awesome selection. Was especially interested in hearing about the Solovair boots, as I was looking at getting a pair of dr martens but they don’t do a 8.5 size and found them incredibly uncomfortable in the size 8. And to hear the Solovair are better quality and made in the uk, is a win/win.Thank you.

  4. Andy Wijaya says:

    I have the monkey boots from solovair. They're the best boots I have. It's difficult and hard to break in, but it is so worth it. I have 5 pairs of Doc Martens, I'd never buy them again after I have tried to solovair b

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