YeniExpo is pleased to introduce modern which can produce #asphalt of world standards with mobile and fixed capacity of 30 – 300 ton / .

We are interested in #exporting these “Made in #” plants worldwide.

The plant can be designed and produced according to customer demand. #Teknofalt #Asphalt plants are safe, environment and user friendly in terms of sound, dust, heat noise. Unit measurements are designed in accordance with transportation and logistics requirements. Easy fast installation with a #modular structure that is easy to disassemble and relocate. The per unit asphalt cost has been minimized to achieve maximum efficiency.

The plant can be used in different asphalt (#mastic asphalt, #colored asphalt, re-cycling material usage etc). It is fully computer controlled and can be operated manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

The plant is very economical in terms of construction and operating costs. The low operating costs are due to low energy requirement, optimized fuel consumption, and low labor requirements of only 2 people (plant operator and operator).

The plant has a long life for system and equipment, with minimal maintenance needs. Natural gas or LPG and other kinds of liquid fuel (fuel-oil, 6 no fuel-oil, #kalyak, #diesel etc.) can be used to operate the plants. Teknofalt production meets all world standards in terms of technological sufficiency and environmental protection.


  • The modular structure of our products ensures easy installation and short replacement times.
  • High quality and Long-life systems and equipment
  • High efficiency Low operating cost Minimum fuel consumption
  • Heavy duty construction
  • After sale 24/7 service support
  • On-line maintenance support
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimum spare parts service with maximum stock
  • Full automatic, advanced technology control and control system
  • Low transportation cost
  • Installation after delivery in 20 days

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