With 100% within the final 12 months, right here in , the costs within the grocery store are at an all time excessive, however of the Turkish worth will will not be reliable? In this we in contrast Turkish grocery store costs with the UK supermarkets and located some alarming outcomes. Many of the you'd count on to be cheaper in Türkiye have been surprisingly costlier?

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  1. SP1 says:

    Salaries in Turkey needs to be fixed to Euro/USD(at least to some degree), the Turkish lira is horrendously weak at the moment, basically people has to pay thousands of Turkish lira for something you only pay few hundred bucks over there in UK and don't forget more than 60% of people in Turkey earn minimum wage which is 8500 a month. So it's not like Nordic countries where for example they pay people 40 thousand Swedish Krona(average software engineer salary) a month…

    The worst things is, this can all be alleviated if "the economist"(our president claimed he is an economist in one of his speeches, (he doesn't even have university degree)) at the head of the country wasn't so fanatic about "interest rates are haram!", because of the constant decreases in interest rates, our currency kept losing its value, and it's one person's fault, not even a fault, it is his choice, smh…

  2. Denise de Goede Thijssen says:

    Turkiye is a great country if you have money. The poor are only getting poorer but the rate at which the rich are getting richer is quite sickening. It is also the kind of rich that wants to show off with the most luxury items, jewellery, acting like they own the world etc. So imagine working 6 days a week, often bullied at work, not feeling like you are appreciated (because they can replace you with a thousand others) and always ending up with debt at the end of the month, and every evening (not morning because rich people don't wake up before 10am) while you wait for your packed bus your body aching, you see more and more fancy new Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar (and brand NEW BMWs, Mercedes, Audi, Mini Cooper etc) cars driving by, not paying attention to traffic rules either, because again most think they are above the law. The mental toll it has on the poor is truly horrific.

  3. Mehmet Han says:

    The real compare is you buy BEST Coffe 5 Euro/pound..Turks buy it with 77 MONEY..So Turkish ppl under Erdogan ROBBED so hard..He rip all economy..When he come 1 dollar was 1.2 Turk Money…Atm 1 Dollar almost 20 Turk Money…SO as a Tourist Turkey atm is HEAVEN for you..But for us..Blehhh

  4. Alan Eldira says:

    Last Minimum Wage is 369 pound İn Turkey and This is due to election. Every single day price of goods increase. Government sold sugar factory so high sugar price is understendable . Living in Turkey is very tough for the local people. Oil price is unbelieveable for a mediterranean country, This video is very good for people in Turkey. They are being lied to that England is sinking. İnflation rate is nearly %200 in Turkey. Even if this economic destruction is in England, I can't imagine the reaction of the people.People who know democracy do not fall into this situation.A society conscious enough to seek its rights must be created.

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