47 thoughts on “Logo & Package Design | FULL PROCESS

  1. Kunal Belamkar says:

    this is all good but the hardest part to design is the back part since there's a tailfin which we use to open the bar out. Could you maybe help with that please as to what dimensions to consider or if we should follow a specific layout for the back, that'd be super helpful

  2. Stelios Kontos says:

    Can anyone tell me how you would proceed to make this into vector? How would you recreate the honey? I’ve worked in packaging design for nearly 10 years and my workflow is completely different. Obviously I make conceptual work within photoshop, but a lot of these elements created within photoshop wouldn’t transpose to a vector artwork design on a packaging template from a manufacturer.

    My question is how would you recreate any of these elements as vector or would you keep all of it raster. (Obviously beyond the logo since that’s already vector)

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