YeniExpo interviews LEDAKS LED Aluminum Housing Indoor and Outdoor Cooling Profiles Manufacturer and Exporter. Made in Turkey for Export

The company manufactures and exports:

  • Led Line Cases
  • Fluorescent Cases
  • Spot/Round Heatsinks
  • Component Heatsinks
  • Projector Cases
  • Street Lighting Cases
  • Box Driver Cases
  • Decorative Pole Profiles
  • Wall Washer Cases
  • Industrial Lighting Cases
  • Indoor Decorative Lighting Cases
  • Custom Lighting

Ürün Gruplarımız Led Işık Bantları (Gömme – Sıva Üstü) Floresan Kasalar Spot/Yuvarlak Soğutucular Komponent Soğutucular Projektör Kasa Profilleri Sokak Aydınlatma Kasaları Kutu Profilleri Dekoratif Direk Profilleri Duvar Boyama (Wall Washer) Endüstriyel Aydınlatma İç Mekan – Dekoratif Aydınlatma Özel Aydınlatma is an online B2B business directory, connecting foreign buyers and Turkish suppliers. Visit our website and explore Turkish made products available for Export from several sources! Find competent and reliable manufacturers and factories now. Quality Turkey products. Deal with the source directly without a middleman.

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