Many Arab traders are planning to from , but there are a few problems they face. Traveling to Turkey and accessing the right markets for importation are a challenge, especially since the great majority of factory owners in Turkey do not speak Arabic or even English.

The of , hotel and accommodation, and we have not yet talked about the cost of shipping and customs clearance and all these costs, which will increase the price of the goods and thus make it difficult to market them even if they are of high quality.

But in the last five years, because of the development of Internet and ecommerce technologies and the use of Arabic translation by Turkish companies, it has become easier than ever before. You can save some of the costs so that you can import from Turkey from the most powerful sources while sitting on your desk or even from your mobile phone.

Now we will give you a simplified explanation of the steps to start importing from Turkey for the first time.

Shipping from Turkey and customs clearance
First and foremost you have to contract with a shipping company from Turkey to carry out the delivery of goods to your country and customs clearance. There are dozens of companies that ship and clearance at a fixed cost per carton in some countries and every kilo in other countries. Saudi Arabia and its agreements with Turkey have customs facilities so you can send cartons with a weight of 35 kg without payment of customs duties, and there are other facilities in the GCC countries, and Jordan, in any case, shipping companies take the charges of customs clearance within the cost of shipping and rarely require From you additional fees e.

Import Turkish clothing through direct shopping
If you want to visit Turkey for the purpose of tourism and trade at the same time, you will find in the city of Istanbul, the commercial capital of many markets that are intended for Arabs and foreigners from all over the world, including cheap products, including the famous brands.


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