Importing to the USA is relatively easy and possible…

Buying and importing from is safe.

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How do I from Turkey the US?

1- Identify the goods which you are willing to import:

Use directories like to search for Turkish suppliers and wholesalers ready to export.

2- Negotiate prices and delivery terms with the Turkish supplier:

If you are looking for custom label (own brand), or large volume of the product, you may want to go to Turkey and visit the suppliers you have identified and negotiate face to face.

3- Classify goods and calculate cost:

Generate tariff classification number for each of the product which you wish to import, so that you can determine the rate of duty which you must pay while importing.

4- Arrange transport:

The mode of transport (Land, Sea, Air freight) will depend on how time sensitive are the goods your are importing and the value of these products. Keep in your calculations the other costs include packaging, handling charges and brokerage fees etc. It is important to ensure that the shipment reaches quick and safe.

5- Track shipment and be prepared for arrival:

Shipping goods take time, so therefore you may need to track the status of your consignment. You must ensure that documents like bill of lading, commercial invoice, custom clearance form are in place.


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How do I import goods from Turkey the US?

6- Take Delivery of goods:

When the goods arrive, you may need the help of a customs broker who will help you clear the goods. Once all the formalities are done and duties paid, you may take the delivery of goods.

Contact a freight forwarder / Customs broker in the USA (in your city or the port of entry) and have them help you clear the goods when it arrives in the USA… Also they can answer any questions you may have about what documents are required from the exporter and from you.

Make sure the exporter uses a reliable freight forwarder/shipping company. The exporter needs to provide you with:

  • Completed Export declaration form
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Copies of Origin bill of lading
  • Freight Insurance certificate
  • Also any other shipping documents as advised by your freight forwarder.


Depending on the product, make sure it has labeling requirement as required by law in the USA.

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