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19 thoughts on “Fitness Transformation in 100 Days – What's Next?

  1. DevilDog_Reefing says:

    EJ and I are on the same path. I'm currently doing the 12 week of build me up on Zwift training plan. Current FTP is 250 at 75 Kilos. My goal is for 300FTP at 75 kilos, giving me 4 watts per kilo. I will be very happy with that, seeing I didn't start riding till last year.

  2. tonyhalik says:

    it would be good to see some absolute numbers from last year, I'm pretty sure that from this weight loss W/kg shot up, but some anaerobic power (say 1 minute) was lost. I expect the structured training to bring this back.

  3. ibr90 says:

    I've had very similar experience — getting to 3.1W/kg with unstructured training (from an untrained base I never even measured, but was pretty bad) and now have plateau'd so very interested to see how this goes!

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