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Hello ladies,

Have you noticed that when people talk about an “Old Money Aesthetic” they are usually wearing tweed and pearls?

Or have you ever searched “Old Money Jewellery” to then only find the most opulent photos of High Society dripping in emeralds and rubies?

… But what about those in-between moments?
… What about the non tweed and pearl days?

In this video, I will be discussing what I have noticed about Old Money Women and their Jewellery.

I hope you enjoy the video.
Best wishes,


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About my – Hello – pleasure to meet you. My name is Nicole, my journey here on has not been a linear one. I first started posting here, as a form of creative escape. Then I started posting videos as I was working as a beautician.Originally from Canada, I moved over to the UK in 2018 – and from there I have been working as a full-time beauty and fashion content creator.I love sharing my passion for beauty and fashion with you all – furthermore, I love showing you how we can level up our appearance, and our lifestyle by making small minor ( or major ) tweaks. Subscribe to this channel to hear how I navigate life, and subscribe to this channel to see which professionals I bring on to help me with my level up journey.Thank you so much for watching, I hope to see you in my next video.Best wishes, Nicole

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7 thoughts on “Everyday JEWELLERY of Old Money Women | Nicole Fiona Davies

  1. Esmerelda Green says:

    I am not "trying to persuade someone I am Old Money-but I was raised and continue to hold many traditions and principles of what is now called old money–and no one is taking my pearls away! I love pearls, cultured, and natural, in all their forms. And yes, I may someday clutch them as well. Why not?

  2. Ghislaine Beauce says:

    I've tended to go for semi-precious stones in my jewellery, and some of them are sentimental, others I simply like the colour, and I've made a couple of my own necklaces, when I couldn't find what I wanted.
    When I was in Oman, I found a lapis lazuli necklace, and a necklace with jade and aventurine. When I was travelling, I found a gorgeous red coral necklace, and I wore it so much that the paint was pealing off the beads and I realised it was fake!! I then bought quality imitation red coral beads and made a similar necklace. Incidentally, I need to repair it now, to replace the cotton threads I used at the time with proper beading wire.
    Around the same time, I made myself a pearl necklace, with 3 rows of very small swarovski imitation pearls, mostly ivory but with blue pearls at the ends, to give a touch of something original. And a couple of years back, I made a necklace in memory of my grandparents, with Eilat stones that I ordered in from Israel and small burgundy imitation pearls to compliment the teal green stones, which I've worn quite a lot. They had bought a necklace as tourists there, which I inherited, and realised it was fake too because I wore it so much! I'd like to make another imitation pearl necklace, this time in tones to suit my grandmother's earrings, I think they're enamel, and whilst they likely aren't expensive, they look it, and I think of her whenever I wear them.
    Otherwise, I have quite a few pieces that were finds by artisans, or on vintage/antique markets. The only "gold" jewellery I have, is a rose-gold watch I bought when I was a flight attendant, every crew member had a statement watch! Thank God I found one with crystals all over it, instead you can see the mechanisms of the watch behind the hands, which I love!!
    I do love my jewellery collection, and whilst most of my pieces aren't worth much, I've got a knack of choosing the right piece to really compliment what I'm wearing.

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