As the Earthquake rescue winds down here in Turkiye, the survivors are left with nothing but rubble, no jobs to go too, no homes to live in and many lost friends and family, their broken lives depend on our ! So please give what you can to support those in need, here are to two of the well respected organizations helping and supporting the people of this disaster
AHBAP https://bagis.ahbap.org/bagis

with love and Trudie xx

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  1. Ruhum İsyanda says:

    in the late hour of the night, your sincerely warm and lovely feelings made me cried really.
    you have been a part of our family, i feel both of you just like my siblings before and after that earthquake.
    i am happy to hear from you all the time and wish the best things for you.

  2. Shaymaa CoCo says:

    We cried watching you deliver these words. We've been making documentary videos for that region 2 months ago and we feel the pain and loss you feel. Your videos were inspirational to us. We love you guys. We were even thinking of interviewing you to bring our audience from the Middle East to your channel.
    Please take care. We love you guys.

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