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0:00 Intro
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4:24 Dairy & zits
8:19 Dairy & IGF-1
9:21 Skim milk vs full or low fats milk
14:00 Dairy and pores and skin ageing
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22 thoughts on “Does DAIRY RUIN SKIN & CAUSE ACNE?| Dr Dray

  1. Peter Ford says:

    I've been having forehead acne that just won't stay away for the past couple of months, even though my skincare routine is good. I've been eating tortellini each day that has various cheeses and dairy milk as primary ingredients. I'm gonna cut it out for a few weeks and see if it helps. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Omar Muhyar says:

    You have to eliminate all dairy if you think your body can’t handle it. I’m Middle Eastern and cannot handle ANY dairy. None. I get massive bloating, gnarly diarrhea, and GIGANTIC, VOLCANIC CYSTS from dairy – particularly on my nose.

    The naturally occurring dairy IGF-1 makes your skin cells proliferate at a higher rate – I.e. stick together (from my layman’s understanding) + the gut issues likely cause systemic inflammation in those who cannot handle dairy.

    Also, I grew up in Wisconsin, so you can imagine how bad my skin was growing up. Wish I would’ve known it as a teenager, as I would’ve had much clearer skin.

  3. Meh says:

    Can you maybe do a video on oatmilk and acne? It seems as if there is a link between oatmilk and acne because oat milk is rich in simple sugars (even if not added). I have seen this discussion on Reddit, but not here on Youtube.

  4. Natalia Martinelli says:

    Thank you for talking about diet. TBH I have tried everything you said for undereye circles and KP and other skin issues. Absolutely nothing worked until I cleaned up my diet, cutting dairy and gluten completely changed my skin, hair and body. Even my under-eye circles are totally reduced. Please discuss diet more! xx

  5. Rosemary Cross says:

    Dr Weston A Price wrote in his book "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" that diet of people living in Swiss Alps was based on dairy and rye. They were very healthy with perfect teeth just as Masai, Polynesians and many other indigenous peoples on different continents who had no access to "foods of commerce" aka Western diet. I don't think it's dairy alone, it's multifactorial.

  6. blumoonlacquer says:

    In high school, I had the absolute worst cysts, hives, and rashes on my face. They were bright red, painful, and never just popped, I had to wait until the swelling went down. I ended up finding out I was allergic to dairy and that's what was causing the "acne."

  7. Jared Rios says:

    Humans do almost everything wrong. No one should drink milk from any other then there mother first few years. Food should be clean, organic and should be eaten mostly raw. Of course there are foods you have to cook like tea, starch, beans, some vegetables and some meats. Juicing and extracts are no substitute and strip away most of the vitamins.

  8. Emma Bear says:

    I am so lost as to what to try next for my skin. I have been on antibiotic so often I developed an allergy to one of them. I have been on Accutane 3 times and each time my acne has returned, face washes and moisturisers are a minefield, I have developed sensitivity to benzoylperoxide I just don't even know what to do anymore. The one thing that was making a difference is no longer in production! I just don't even know what to do anymore.

  9. Michelle Anaya says:

    I know this is anecdotal, but when I tried the SCD, which eliminates grain and most dairy, my adult acne and gastrointestinal problems stopped… and I mean stopped. I honestly didn't expect it to help anything, so I was surprised. If I have a moment of weakness, even homemade bread, boom! The symptoms come back.

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