Digital Trade Show Virtual Fair are an alternative method of marketing your products.  Specially if the customers can't go to the trade show due to restrictions, cost reduction, pandemics, last minute cancellation, economic downturn, etc.  Then the trade fair needs to go to the customer, virtually.
YeniExpo Digital Fair Bb Marketplace
YeniExpo Digital Fair Bb Marketplace
A trade show, digital, hybrid, or in-person, is a the best way for businesses to maximize their ROI.
The thought behind moving towards advanced expo arrangements is to give greatest nimbleness and guarantee effective cooperations for all parties.  Export B2B platforms like works to facilitate discovery and communication between sellers and buyers.

What is a Digital Trade Show Virtual Fair?

Traditional Trade fairs are normally on fixed dates where many people plan and prepare to attend on based on a fixed timetable. These traditional fairs are utilized for trade, motivation, finding patterns, reviewing new product designs and innovations, gaining clients and network with others businesses.
For decades, these traditional trade events are irreplaceable for exhibiting company products, and gaining new clients.  However, imagine a scenario in which no trade fairs are conceivable, and travel is restricted, such as what happened during the 2020-2022 Covid-19 pandemic?
Virtual trade shows and B2B digital platforms such as are the solution. They are computerized copies of actual exchange fairs you knew about – just on the web and not area based or time restricted. Guests explore around a computerized digital catalog of many suppliers and in various sectors, can navigate online through products categories, digital catalogs, and company presentations.
Prospective customers will discover new products and suppliers to connect with. It's very much like conventional exchange fairs – just from the convenience of your office desktop screen, or from the comfort of your own couch at your office.

Digital Vs. traditional trade fair – What's the advantages?

Traditional Trade Show

Traditional Trade Show

Virtual and computerized platform shows vary in two fundamental ways. Here you can figure out what that implies.

The location

While a traditional trade fair happens at a particular fixed physical location, the digital fair has just a virtual space. For the person attending the fair, obviously, this has a recognizable effect on regular working life.

The virtual trade B2B platform enjoys many :

Reduced cost for exhibitors and visitors: With a traditional fair, there are in many cases colossal expenses for an intricate display stand, which can frequently to some degree be reused. Travel and accommodation costs for exhibiting companies and visitors. All of that is saved when you exhibit your products virtually online.

The Face to Face Meeting

Indeed, even the greatest fanatics of digitization will affirm it: There's nothing like a face to face meeting with customers at traditional trade fairs. In addition to individual trade, input and conversations with existing and prospective clients, and networking with business and sector associates.
However, digital platforms attract many visitors all year round, and it is a constant stream of business leads, at the most effective and affordable cost. New technologies provide visitors and exhibitors on a digital platform the opportunity to communicate instantly through zoom face to face meetings, whatsApp, Facetime, and other traditional etrade methods such as email, phone calls, etc.

Benefits of a B2B Platform and Digital Exhibition

Manufacturers and exporters who survived the lockdowns during the pandemic, can't afford to repeat the same mistakes of relying solely on tradition trade fair to solicit buyers for their products and generate sales leads.  They have to implement a digital marketing strategy promptly without further delays.

This digital marketing strategy may include:

  • Company Website with latest up to date technology, , and product presentations. With several languages.
  • B2B platforms such as that helps in finding customers all year round.
  • Social Media Platforms: Develop company pages, groups, and to help communicate and reach potential customers.
  • Periodic Newsletter: To communicate to clients company news and new products introductions.
  • Digital Banner Advertising:  Use banner advertising to reach customers and grow your business on major search engines, B2B platforms, and sector related forums.
Online Shopping
Online Sourcing and Digital Marketing

Saves costs

Moving your marketing digitally through Virtual B2B Fairs, quite a few expenses will be wiped out compared to traditional trade fairs: For example, no more rental of the area, costs for caterers, administration and security faculty, product transportation, staff expenses, travel and lodging expenses, printed brochures and catalogs, gifts, clients entertainment, etc.


A virtual trade exhibition is a maintainable configuration and is subsequently great for green occasions and any individual who needs to economically search for suppliers and products to purchase wholesale. Consider all the expo waste generated: A significant number of the materials and furniture can't be reused and will be discarded after the trade show. Likewise, the cooking and all the expendable cutlery, glasses and serving bowls rapidly stack up. There is additionally no requirement for all the somewhat unused give-aways and amounts of flyers and data material.

Lead Customer Contacts assessment and follow up

Though at a tradition trade fair you need to depend on the most potential eye catching plan components, and may simply have the option to follow up with whos has left their information with you, virtual exchange fair proposition totally various types of information. Visit times, stay time, amount and sort of intelligence and leads might in fact be assessed progressively. Many platform considerably offer member exporters with normal CRM tools – so you can quickly catch and use an exchange fair lead in your framework.

Cleanliness and Security

During an overall pandemic and then some, cleanliness is a significant advantage of online digital fairs through B2B platforms. Virtual ideas have basically no potential for virus and in 2021 this was many times the best way to hold an exchange fair by any stretch of the imagination. You can likewise save the costs for on location security.


The expo business is seeing a revival because of the way that a ton of exhibitors are moving towards computerized devices. The patterns referenced above anticipate eminent changes and progressions in the advanced digital expo industry. Let us at help you convey your message to the crowd.

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