Buying bargain property in Turkey is something we cover in this episode.
We show you apartments on the market at £35k just a thirty minute drive from , a villa in walking distance from Calis beach, and stay watching until the end as we have an exclusive piece of real estate (on a Turkish Island) that is not so cheap, but has lots of potential for a great investment!
All the property has been chosen by ourselves from websites and we do not take any commission from the houses we feature.
They are purely to give you an idea and show you what to expect for your money in certain areas at the time of filming.
There are plenty of real estate (emlak) agents in Turkey so be sure to shop around and remember, its always worth putting in a reduced offer when you find something you want to buy. Most agents are open to negotiation.
We also recommend you appoint a lawyer when purchasing a property.

CONTACTS for the property featured in this episode:

IRINA mobile +90 (0) 537 564 62 86
SILVA mobile +90 (0) 538 486 48 18
EMAIL: [email protected]

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  1. Mark Atyeo says:

    We are coming out to Calis at the end of June, and as a part of the visit we will be thinking about the option of moving to Turkey and would love to understand more about the option. Would be lovely to meet up when we come over

  2. pierrot awadalla says:

    We love your videos, they are so helpful! We are planning on retiring there in Fethiye ourselves. We will be doing the $250K investment for citizenship. So do you recommend getting additional private health insurance like Allianz? Or is the Turkish government health insurance program good enough, as would be eligible for it since Citizens? We were told by Property Turkey that the Turkish gov., has a package that coves up to 8 visits per year to private hospital at $102 ish USD per year. Any information or comments on this would much appreciated!

  3. Eyüp Sultan Gönderen says:

    Short information: Most cultural things in Turkey are Anatolian culture, because the Oghuz Turks who came to Anatolia are in different cultures, they cannot do real Turkish culture much. It should be visited in Turkish countries such as Kyrgyzstan

    kısa bilgi: Türkiye deki çoğu kültürel şey Anadolu kültürüdür çünkü Anadolu'ya gelen Oğuz Türkleri farklı kültürlerde olduğu için gerçek türk kültürünü çok yapamazlar türk kültürü dediğimiz orta asyada bozkır kültürü yani türk kültürünü öğrenmek istiyorsanız sadece Türkiyeye gitmekle olmaz Türkmenistan ,Kazakistan , Özbekistan, Azerbaycan, Kırgızistan…gibi türk ülkeleride gezilmeli

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