11 reasons why turkish exporters should join and be members on yeniexpo.com

YeniExpo.com is a growing digital B2B Export marketing platform that specializes in helping suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and , increase their international sales and reach new foreign markets.

YeniExpo.com introduces Turkish companies, brands, and products to world market through our online marketplace .

Member company products are posted on YeniExpo.com  and optimized highly for search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) in order for the products to show up higher on search engine results.

YeniExpo.com uses latest website technology to maintain and create web traffic to our members products.

Here is why you should register your Turkish exporting company and add your products immediately on YeniExpo.com:

1. By adding your products on your are promoting your BRAND and Products to niche wholesale foreign buyers.

2. Your company and products will gain attention and interest of foreign importers and buyers.

3. The world international market is much bigger than the local Turkish market

4. It is easy to export from Turkey

5. Your competition are joining YeniExpo.com so should your company 

6. More traffic to your products, means more buyers, more sales, more profits and ultimately stronger Turkish Lira

7. The more companies the more we promote Turkey 

8. More exports results in more employment and better income for all

9. Turkish products have a reputation of Quality and Affordability.

10. The more products you list, the bigger your net to reach more customers

11. Foreign manufacturers in order to cut cost and be more efficient, are looking for reliable Turkish suppliers to outsource their production to.

Add your company today!

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