Please be aware that the website (hereinafter the “ Website”, which includes and is not limited to its sub-domain wholesale. (hereinafter “Wholesale Marketplace”)) function as a international marketplace; thus the selling or posting of items may be prohibited because of laws outside of the jurisdiction where you reside.
Below, we have listed some categories of prohibited or restricted items.

PROHIBITED AND CONTROLLED ITEMS has chosen to also prohibit the posting of items which may not be restricted or prohibited by law but are nonetheless controversial including:
  • Illegal drugs, Precursors and drug paraphernalia

  • Medical Drugs and Devices

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Infringing Products


  • Gold dust, gold bullion and other precious metals (not including jewelry)

  • Counterfeit currency and stamps

  • Tobacco Products

  • Fake documents

  • Wildlife and related animal product

  • Financial services

  • Items that encourage illegal activities (e.g. lock pick tools, synthetic urine for cheating drug tests)

  • Items that are racially, religiously or ethnically derogatory, or that promote hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance

  • Giveaways, lotteries, raffles, or contests

  • Stocks, bonds, investment interests, and other securities

  • Pornographic materials or items that are sexual in nature;

  • Items that do not offer a physical product or service for sale, such as digital currencies and advertisements solely for the purpose of collecting user information.

  • Others

    1. Adult subscription services or chatting services
    2. Contracts and tickets
    3. Credit card, credit repair Services, applications for financial services or loans, collection services
    4. Firearms, ammunition, high capacity magazines, stun guns, air guns, military weapons
    5. Human body parts, fluids and remains
    6. Job postings are not allowed
    7. Lottery, raffle, contests related
    8. Mailing lists and personal information
    9. Pornographic, erotic & adult contents including but not limited to: pictures, videos, DVDs, magazines, toys, etc.
    10. Posts promoting hatred, racism or religious persecution products or images showcasing nudity.
    11. Requests for donations
    12. Sanctioned and prohibited items
    13. Software – Unauthorized, OEM or bundled copies of software are not allowed to be listed
    14. Spyware, Spamware, e-mail advertising, opt-in or any commercial messaging services

HOWEVER, THIS LIST IS NOT INTENDED TO BE EXHAUSTIVE; YOU, AS THE SELLER, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING THAT YOU ARE NOT POSTING AN ITEM THAT IS PROHIBITED BY LAW IN ANY JURISDICTION., in its sole and exclusive discretion, reserves the right to impose additional restrictions and prohibitions.

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