In this comparison we look at the price differences between the Turkish & UK supermarkets, Sainsbury’s in the UK and Migros in Turkey. The exchange rate was around 13 lira = £1 when we started filming, in early November, but had already risen to 14.8 lira = £1 by the time we uploaded this video, so prices may vary somewhat.
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  1. BRIAN POTTER says:

    Hya you two bet it didnt smell today if you came bridge i put a clean shirt on just in case i bumped into and held my breath so my belly wasnt stuck out but to no avail keep up the good work ime enjoying it and the exchange rate brian leeds

  2. Rez Azeri says:

    Hi, Mick… The wages are 4 times higher in the UK in comparison to turkey but the cost of food, rent or Mortgage, Transportation (either owning a car or even using public transportation), Hydro, water, Internet, cell phone are much more expensive Than Turkey…Isn't that right??

  3. Andrew Stones says:

    Hi Mick & Trudie, after watching your videos we came this week to Fethiye for a holiday and we are staying in the town next to Starbucks overlooking the harbour. We currently live in Ireland, but I previously lived in Thailand for 16 years until 5 years ago. The prices here are good, though it’s sad to know that the locals are having a hard time with inflation and loss of their currency value. We rented a car at Dalaman and are using Fethiye as a base and have been looking all around the area, we also rented bikes are rode along the seafront and cycle paths to Calis. I was hoping to see you on our travels and say hello and thank you! We would seriously consider living here, but we are committed in Ireland for at least the next 2 years. As someone who has traveled the world extensively in the last 30 years, I think Turkey is the most surprising. It’s incredibly friendly, the climate is great considering this is November and the friendliness seems genuine. Thank you Mick & Trudie for your videos, they are so very helpful. Another thing about Turkey, as I know your audience is international, is that for most countries no visa is required for stays of up to 30 days, or longer for EU/UK etc.. this is a point that was instrumental in our decision as my wife has a non EU passport.

  4. Basil Maz says:

    I left Turkey back in 2018. In late 2017, I saw that the lira was going to go to 11 TL to 1 USD, and I thought that I didn't work hard for a depreciating currency, so I got a job elsewhere and packed my bags. I mean with people in the U.K. making 4 times the salary of Turks, having prices cheaper say by 40% overall isn't going to be much comfort for people in Turkey. Many millionaires could see the writing on the wall, so they left in large number since 2016. Turkey has lost so many millionaires, students with special expertise etc… The brain and financial drain has been horrible.

  5. ZadZadrack says:

    ANOTHER VERY INFORMATIVE VIDEO. THANKS. The best part is: "..It is cheaper to wipe your bottom in Turkey than it is in UK…." I hope you're not moving on to produce COMEDY VIDEOS NOW? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, looking forward to your next Vid about Washing Machines, Vac Cleaners etc. Then hopefully, you will be SO SO SO KIND AS TO DO A VID ON BUYING MUSICAL INSTUREMENTS IN TURKEY: Yahama Keyboards, Casio Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Electric Guitars, etc.. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT EFFORT AND EXCELLENT VIDEOS.

  6. Ozan Zeytinoglu says:

    I've been watching your videos with pleasure for a long time. I regret to inform you that other people's desperate situation should not be a subject or income resource for you.

    Yeah this might be a plesant content for you but for those suffering from the current situation are not.

    If I had an opportunity, I would everything to prevent immigration to Turkey in every aspects.

  7. Alex Sumbati says:

    Great and Informative video. As a viewer, when anything is being shown whether it be Real Estate,Restaurants,or anything that needs to be paid for,I’m always waiting to see or hear the price of that commodity for comparison sake with my own country.
    The result can have a bearing on whether I would choose to holiday or considering a relocation to the country in question. Thank you again for your wonderful work.

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