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Turkish Furniture

The Turkish furniture industry is targeting $4.5 billion in exports to almost 200 countries and regions, with a particular focus on the high potential markets of China, according to Nuri Gurcan, the head of the Furniture Industry Businessmen Association (Mobsad).
The sector is specifically aiming to increase exports of luxury furniture.
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Made in Turkey Furniture

According to data from the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, Turkey’s furniture exports increased by 12% to reach $3.5 billion in 2019 compared to the previous year.

Some of the top furniture manufacturers and brands in Turkey include a variety of companies that produce a wide range of furniture types, such as living room furniture, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture, and office furniture.

These companies often have a strong focus on design and quality, and some have a reputation for producing high-end, luxury furniture.

The specific names of these top furniture manufacturers and brands in Turkey may vary, but some examples could include companies such as Hukkan Furniture, Mobel Furniture, and Kayseri Furniture.

Turkey Furniture Manufacturers

Turkey is the 13th largest furniture manufacturer in the world and has managed to achieve significant export figures despite the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to its ability to maintain active sales channels, according to Nuri Gurcan, head of the Furniture Industry Businessmen Association (Mobsad).
Gurcan stated that the main export markets for Turkish furniture in 2020 were Iraq, Germany, Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Israel, France, Libya, the UK, Romania, and the Netherlands. He also highlighted that 2020 was a particularly strong year for exports to the U.S.
China, on the other hand, took a lesser role in Turkish furniture exports due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting high freight costs that caused European countries to turn to closer sources, such as Turkey, for their furniture needs.
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Turkey Furniture Export

Turkey had a strong export performance in 2020, and the furniture sector was one of the industries that was able to quickly adapt to the changing market conditions brought on by the pandemic.

In Turkey, furniture is produced both in small workshops and large-scale manufacturing units, and the country is known for its fresh, modern, and contemporary furniture designs that come in a variety of styles and colors.

Business partners can also take advantage of wholesale prices for bulk orders.

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If you are looking for unique and professionally made Turkish furniture, you can browse a selection of pieces for the bedroom and living room.

Turkish furniture is known for its beauty and modern style, and it can add a touch of sophistication to any home. The furniture is also known for its nice finishing, which adds to its overall quality and appeal.

If you are interested in purchasing Turkish furniture at wholesale prices, you may be able to find options available for bulk orders.

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