In this video I provide a detailed review and assessment of Turkey’s new policy which requires all Export businesses to exchange 25% of their foreign currency for Turkish Lira.

Turkey has announced that ALL EXPORTERS must hand over 25% of their FOREIGN CURRENCY in exchange for TURKISH LIRA. No guarantee or protection scheme has been put in place to cover the exchange rate risk. This looks like a DISASTROUS policy as the vast majority of these exporters rely upon IMPORTS for their RAW MATERIALS and therefore need foreign currency for purchasing. Removing 25% of all foreign currency will reduce the purchasing ability of the exporters and will lead to a reduction in trade.

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0:00 Intro
4:09 Turkish Lira
5:50 Inflation
7:26 Exports
10:03 Government Forex Order
12:46 Summary & Conclusion

#Global Financial Crisis

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47 thoughts on “TURKEY SEIZES 25% OF ALL FOREIGN CURRENCY FROM EXPORTERS – Crazy Policy Will Hurt Economy & Growth

  1. David Foss says:

    He is talking about Turkey, but he may as well be talking about the U.S. The U.S. is top heavy with raging scum at every level. This puking filth receives a salary and pension that is awarded to them for their participation in Big Government Mafia. Every year there are more departments, and every year the departments grow in size. By printing money for this slobbering scum, a commiserate value is taken from the host population. The regime may appear to be two parties but in fact, they are all the same blistering mass of squirming maggots. At some point, this blistering mass of squirming government maggots will become a black hole and the host population will be absorbed during the big pop.

  2. andrew thomas says:

    Turkey has taken on to many projects at the same time and bankrupted itself …….sounds like socialism …promise to much and use debt and tax to do the impossible ….been used by labour time after time in fact Every time it gets in power the debt is massive ( TORIES have done it the last couple of times ) but fara far worse when the reds get voted in ….and it’s the very people that vote for them that it hits hardest …brilliant …socialism has never worked anywhere for very long

  3. nurhan toguc says:

    What an incompetent analysis, if you can call it an "analysis" of course. It is a political attack on Erdoğan. Who are you to judge a county!s officially elected president? Turkey probably has the flu, but EU and Britain have cancer, can you see that? Guess Erdoğan's new measures bothers you since you can not manipulate the markets for handsome profits. Depreciation of the exchange rate will lead the way to a sharp decline in the current account deficit. The rise in import prices due to higher exchange rates will result in smaller import bills in the mid-term, leading to an improvement in the current account deficit. As a result, Turkey will not need hot money flows to finance the current account deficit, which is a positive for international investors, but a negative for a speculator, right? A low-interest rate policy will save bank balance sheets dealing with bad loans and save companies from filing bankruptcy, that is another positive point of the new policy. Another critical point is that Turkish government debt is the lowest in EU, not more than 50% of GDP. Many EU governments have a public debt over 100%. You do not even mention that, since you have no intention of making a fair economic analysis. Turkey's foreign debt is mainly private-sector debt and is more than covered by foreign currency savings in Swiss bank accounts. So, trying to pressure the emerging market governments to bribe international manipulators with high-interest rates is something of the past, just like yourself. No emerging market government will let you do highway robbery anymore. Turkey with its young population will be either first or a second runner up in terms of growth in 2021. That growth will not be jobless growth. Turkey will not need IMF funding either. The logical investor will invest in Turkey as she is becoming an energy hub and will lead the way to the middle corridor, the new silk road. Where else could anyone invest? To US with stagflation and serious debt burden or to EU in debt hole with no growth? Turkey just like other emerging economy should trade in her own currency and fix the currency against gold to get rid of dollarisation and inflation. As you may know inflation is a global problem caused by FED's QE. İf Emerging markets continue dollarisation, they will pay a high price in inflation. So, EMs should trade in local currencies and reduce foreign currency borrowing to put an end to financial colonization by the west. Turkey has just started doing that. To me, it is very smart ..

  4. Robert Humphreys says:

    Once again, the people of a democracy elect a clown to run the country. Now, getting rid of him will be almost impossible without a political crisis. So, we have a political crisis coupled with an economic crisis. We see something similar going on in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA. Democracies committing suicide. I guess we can call it "democracide".

  5. chad moore says:

    yes yes "Islamic finance" at its best. I dont mind people suffering for doing sth stupid like putting their religious nonsense over commonsense. These folks were voted in and Turks are getting exactly what they voted for. Hopefully this sucks enough that the rest of the world can learn a lesson from it.(doubtful though)

  6. Cinema Ipswich says:

    This happened to Syria. The food crisis, the water crisis and the energy crisis caused Syrians to rise up against their government. Turkey imports a huge amount of food and energy, and their exports have cheaper competitors in other countries. Will Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq all end up with hundreds of thousands of refugees heading for Europe? Raising interest rates will not improve availability, for supply chains are currently crap.

  7. ikm64 says:

    The difference between a 'government' and a criminal 'gang'?…
    Is a lot less than you imagine.
    Both will 'confiscate' other people's property without a "by your leave"
    "Membership" isn't exactly optional.
    …and if you are silly enough not to do as you are told….there will be 'consequences'.
    Yes pretty much, "bird's of a feather"…when you think about it.
    If you think about it…of course…but kinda the point…you are not supposed to "think" about it

  8. Time Traveller says:

    Somehow words like income , cash and reserves sound quite different to me XD. Also forex and foreign exchange reserves denote different meaning. Having said that, I will add that I do not anticipate any kind of limbo for Turkey, their government has many possible ways to tackles all the issues including swap lines (afair negotiated already with UAE, and that is not the only possible source of liquidity) and currency controls. Cheers up! Worry rather about 300% increase in US equities market while US economy grew only 30% over this period. It's gonna really hurt.

  9. Steve Blanco says:

    This is next Riot situation. ….Lying fucker President locked up 30000 previously for a coup that NEVER was….locked up ALL, journalists. ….yet another Dictator.
    He's run Turkey into the ground, bankrupted and corrupted it…..The Country is on the brink of total collapse. The USA isn't far behind.

  10. Rexy, The Hound says:

    This is an excellent example of just how incompetent governments can be… whenever I hear conspiracies about governments taking moonlandings or other shit, I always chuckle because it’s hard to imagine how insanely stupid and incompetent they are

  11. Thomas Sutrina says:

    Value of the currency decrease is not a straight price reduction for exports because the material to make the goods maybe imported and those prices go up. Also there is internal pressure to increase cost for internal material and wages.

  12. shantel jacobbs says:

    An analysis and improvement strategy gives you a structured way of maximizing your potential while also capitalizing on the good part of your trading and money management strategies. This helps you become more productive and profitable on a long run and creates a paradigm shift to the ever-changing market structures/conditions. for continuous winning streaks.

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