Trouble in Turkey -Possible Legend delay in shipments?

Trouble in Turkey -Possible Legend delay in shipments?

Recent Government Shutdowns threatening the Industrial Sector In Turkey. Could this delay the Nokta Makro Legend from shipping out even later then currently anticipated??

Filmed on Canon G7X Mark II
GoPro Hero 7 black
Detectors used:

Nokta Makro Simplex
Minelab Equinox 600
Minelab X-terra 705
Quest Q40
Minelab Vanquish 540
Garrett Ace Apex

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Wondershare Filmora 7.3

Video Duration: 00:08:25

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37 thoughts on “Trouble in Turkey -Possible Legend delay in shipments?

  1. DigginRev says:

    One thought comes to mind if government is the issue and sanctions take place and the fine folks around the world who paid for the legend does that mean that the funds they invested are frozen as well that would be a bummer for sure. Lets hope that cooler heads prevail and the shipments take place.

  2. CalCobra says:

    How quickly everyone forgot about how long the Equinox was delayed after it was announced. Nokta Makro have always been a standup company, the only reason the Legend was delayed is due to tester feedback, from that they are making improvements to the Legend. Instead of all the whining and now conspiracy theories, how about appreciating a company that not only listens to and communicates with (for better or worse) their customers, but actually takes that feedback and builds the products that we ask for? Name one other company that does that? Nokta shouldn't have promised an overly ambitious December shipping date, no doubt they are regretting that now, but rest assured that the only reason for the delay is so that consumers end up with the best possible product that Nokta Makro could produce at a price that really can't be beat for a SMF detector ($1K for EQX800, $1600 for Deus II).

  3. Jason King says:

    Perhaps we should be careful about purchasing products from Nokta Makro until Turkey becomes more stabilized. if there are issues with a Nokta Makro detector, it could become a problem to get it repaired. I was considering purchasing the Legend at a later date when the bugs are worked out but will wait to if they will be distributed here in the North America and if the situation in Turkey becomes stabilized. I must admit, it seems more convenient to buy North American detector brands. It was sad to see Whites and Tesoro bite the dust and you really don't hear from Fisher, Teknetics, or Garrett anymore because they are not keeping up with the times so now we have to rely on foreign made machines. Yet they seem to produce better machines. It's a Catch 22.

  4. davidius34 says:

    No dictator has ever brought anything good. We can only keep Nokta Makro up to it.I understand they can't talk about it. I have Legend ordered so maybe it will come, it will be an excellent detector. Thanks for the info. I am sorry for my English

  5. Kallie Du toit says:

    Yes that is bad .the world going crazy .here in south africa we have a thing called loadshedding .they choose areas random and swith power off from 2 hours up to 4 hours normaly or sometimes off for 2 days .also some short on coal for power stations

  6. Sergei Upstateny says:

    Iran may restrict gas supplies to Turkey for a long while. A simple reason being that Turkey is trying to control a huge chunk of terriory in Syria, occupied by Kurds (where Turkey has been without invitation) – enemies of Erdogan, and this affected Iranian army operations. Turkey is also playing games with Putin while getting gas via another gas line from Russia. If Putin gets pissed off, he will call the Iranian president and ask him to shut the Iranian gas line off for good. Russia and Iran are buddies. They have just signed a dozen of contracts for 20 years ahead! Putin saved Erdogan's ass when there was a military coup in Turkey a couple of years ago. But, instead of being greatful to Putin, Erdogan has been trying to be a cunning game player. What's going on in Turkey now is the result of Erdogan's games with Russia, US, Iran and EU. Plus, Erdogan sends military drones to Ukraine – this is a big mistake, because Putin doesn't like it. If Putin stops Russian people going to Turkey for vacation, the Turkish tourist industry will collapse as it gets 40% of its income from Russian tourists. And if Nato is stupid enough to continue pushing Russia "against the wall", Putin will respond with "military technical measures" – nobody knows what it is but it's gonna change the 'World Order' completely. And Turkey may get some of these measures too. But not to worry! Like I wrote to 'Coin & Ring Magician' below, Putin said that "All metaldetectorists are cool. There are people who dig, and there are people who are buried. You will be Ok if you keep digging!" :)))))))))

  7. DigGun says:

    Sounds to me that the manufacturer simply over promised their delivery for the new machine and they had to walk it back a bit. Every country is having issues right now but I’m sure that Nokta Makro will come through with delivering their new machine when it’s ready. Personally, I can wait since the ground is still frozen here in South Dakota, but when they start shipping I do plan to order one.

  8. Peter Van Den Bosch says:

    Hope i can see the situation in Turkey by myself when i'm going there in july. Last year i was in Turkey and it was the first time that i saw products becoming more expensive during my 3 weeks stay. Last year they had fixed prices from the gouverment for basic products like breath and milk but i heard that it became realy difficult to make some profit by bakeries with this low prices. I don't know they still have this fixed prices today.

  9. Willard Reasoner says:

    Nokta Yet ! Nokta Yet ! Sounds like the Turkeys… are in a World of Unstable ! Sounds like "Lets Go Brandon" needs to send them some wind chargers & solar pannels !!! Green New Deal… climb abord !!! I think… that Company… has a lot of Gov. Clout. I think maybe they build stuff for the Turkish Government too… so I just imagine they will get electricity before others there. WHO KNOWS ! Thing is… it's a hurry up and wait Sandwich and we all have to take a bite. If I were a coin tossing gambling man… odds are you will get, your Legends… before I get my Deus 2. VEGAS MAN… your in VEGAS… check see… what are the odds? LOL Good Video ROCK ON !

  10. John Briggs says:

    Joey, you are indeed a spotlight of useful information regarding current metal detecting information especially when it comes to such an important issue like the Nokta Legend….There's trouble in Paradise over there in Turkey. Nokta Makro and spokesperson Dilek must feel as though they are in a circular firing squad right about now and as bad as sitting on the deck of the Titanic….Great reporting Joey.

  11. Finders-Keepers says:

    Coming to a country near you. There is an obvious break down of most economies so the Global Elite can bring in their "Great reset" they so badly want. It's no longer conspiracy talk this stuff is happening right before our eyes….even in almighty Murica. Lol.

  12. Bill Ellis says:

    All I can say is I believe in peace. The area is a flash point for WW3. Ukraine is just around the corner. (Republic of Crimea). Any electronic company is basically now making Mine detectors In that location.. Stay safe and I am praying about this.

  13. DigginRev says:

    Wow this is something that escapes us sometimes that a delay could be the result of government issues but if the legend is built anything like the simplex I can only imagine it being a solid detector thanks for bringing this update Joey.

  14. John Winterbottom says:

    I belong to A FB Forum, the Legend users group. I brought all of this info up in a message about 2 days ago. I DID get a response from Dilek, guess I hit a "hot Button." She claimed it's not a problem and Nokta would ship when ready and that this crisis will not effect them, Then, I caught a lot of crap from a lot of people on that Forum because I tried to tease an update out of her about status of shipping which she would not answer. I think I will pull my pre-order on Monday. Looks like shipping date is going to be The 12th of Never

  15. DannyB1954 says:

    In several places I have said it is likely a problem with supplies or machine design. Nokta has talked about software updates due to recommendations from testers. The machine can be software updated by the end user, so no real need to delay because of updates.
    If their supply costs go up 40% selling the detector for under a grand may not be feasible. They may now want people that prepaid to cancel their orders. Better to not sell, than sell at a loss?

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