Searching the top 17 we utilized Google Keyword planner to check the Average Monthly Searches for certain keywords. The results will give you an approximate idea on how popular or in demand that subject is.

In testing how many are searching for “Made in (country name)” we have found the following results:

Rank Keyword Average Monthly Google Searches
1 made in china 100K – 1M
2 made in india 100K – 1M
3 made in germany 10K – 100K
4 made in usa 10K – 100K
5 made in japan 10K – 100K
6 made in italy 10K – 100K
7 made in france 10K – 100K
8 made in brazil 10K – 100K
9 made in mexico 10K – 100K
10 made in uk 1K – 10K
11 made in turkey 1K – 10K
12 made in taiwan 1K – 10K
13 made in spain 1K – 10K
14 made in korea 1K – 10K
15 made in uae 1K – 10K
16 made in holland 100 – 1K
17 made in singapore 100 – 1K

Obviously “Made in China” and “Made in India” have led the results. It is an indication of how popular worldwide the consumer products of these countries. We know China is the leader in consumer products exports, but how is India is in second place in results?

In the USA there is a push for “Made in USA” products, but that is not reflected highly in the average monthly search results.

“Made in Turkey” is 11 on the list. For Turkey to reach it strategic goal of exporting $500 billion by 2023, we need to increase the awareness of the international consumer about the value of Made in Turkey products.

  • Prominently display “Made in Turkey” everywhere
  • Exporter to promote “Made in Turkey” on their websites, social media, trade shows, catalogs, and all publications.
  • Write articles on international media outlets to promote “Made in Turkey” products
  • Produce a high quality product that will satisfy the consumers and make them interested in “Made in Turkey” products for their future purchases.

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