These are 7 Turkish military weapon breakthroughs in 2021 that shock the continents of Asia & Europe

These are 7 Turkish military weapon breakthroughs in 2021 that shock the continents of Asia & Europe

Turkiye is well on its way to meeting the goals of its 2023 defence vision, joining the top-tiers of the global defence industry with cutting-edge defence offerings in every domain of military technology.
2021 was a banner year for Turkiye’s defence industry, which saw increasing self-sufficiency, major sales growth and a complete slate of new defence offerings in multiple fields. In 2020,Turkiye’s defence exports saw a significant increase: with ASELSAN reporting a 24 per cent growth with signed export contracts worth well over $450 million. Despite the pandemic. 2021 gave rise to more new Turkish defence products than ever before and increasing global recognition of its robust affordable and competitive military technologies.
2021, was also the year Turkiye’s TB2 drones changed how modern warfare is fought: while showcasing their speed, precision and effectiveness in minimizing human casualties.Turkiye’s defence industry has seen major transformations after its 2023 Vision plan was announced,which coincides with the 100th anniversary of the republic’s founding.this is the Turkiye’s top 7 major defence industry breakthroughs in 2021;
With the release of its heavy-class Akinci unmanned combat drone in August,Turkiye joined the top three drone manufacturers worldwide, Heavy drones are much more difficult to manufacture than their lighter counterparts. In 2022; Turkiye’s heavy Akinci drone broke Turkish aviation history by flying at 11594 metres for nearly 26 hours.well within the operational range of most fighter jets.
Fedai, a Turkish defence company also announced an anti-drone missile platform: cementing its hold on the industry that’s revolutionizing how nations of the world are approaching defence and military operations. Not to be outdone;Turkiye also saw the release of a number of smaller tactical drones with swarming capability, facial recognition and finally, a drone equipped with a steel-melting laser with a 500 meter range.
Space the final frontier;
In February 2021:Turkiye’s President Erdogan announced a 10-year domestic space program that included sending Turkish astronauts to space: launching the first national observation satellite: and making it to the moon by 2023.The plan will rely on international cooperation at first, but aims to continue developing Turkiye’s considerable rocket making experience into its own space-faring capacity.2023 also marks the 100th centennial of the founding of the Turkish Republic: coinciding closely with Artemis Accord’s plans to establish a lunar gateway base on the moon by 2024.
The 10-year plan will seek to establish a spaceport in Turkiye and a global brand for satellite solutions.
Land power;
Turkiye finally launched its first national Altay tank prototype, not to be outdone in this field.The tank was named after Fahrettin Altay a famous Turkish cavalry commander who distinguished himself in Turkiye’s war of independence with heroic exploits. 2021 was the year Turkiye announced the mass production of a series of unmanned ground vehicles, leaning further into cutting-edge automations offering the republic technological force multipliers in the field, that increase the survivability of its own military.
personnel Aerial defence;
2021 was the year Turkiye tested its first indigenously-produced the Siper long-range missile defence system. designed in response to frequent missile fire from Syria and set to enter the army’s inventory in 2023.Turkiye has been working to fortify its air space defence capability since the mid-2000.
Unmanned skies;
Turkiye’s air defence saw significant growth in 2021: with a cost-effective electric converter released for helicopter weapon systems: after global supply chain problems impacted their availability worldwide.
International recognition;
As a reflection of growing confidence in Turkiye’s drone, missile, and electro-optical defence engineering expertise and 2021 saw a number of major sales.Other major procurements include Indonesia’s order for a joint Turkiye-Indonesia combat tank design. Blue Homeland;
In keeping with its Blue Homeland, naval doctrine originally developed in 2006.Turkiye continues to develop its naval capacity throughout 2021 to ensure the republic’s trade and defence in the Mediterranean and Aegean sea remains secure.Major breakthroughs include testing an indigenously produced anti-ship missile in the Black Sea, with over 200 kilometres in range.
The long-range anti-ship missile Atmaca, built by Turkish defence company Roketsan: tested in Turkiye’s Black Sea province Sinop.Taken together: 2021 was an outstanding year for Turkiye defence industry and economy: making this the year it gained international recognition as a defence technologist and manufacturer that could compete at the highest international levels.2022; will see many long-term defence initiatives come to fruition.

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