Is the Turkish economy crash imminent? With the recent downfall in the Turkish Lira and prices rising out of control Turkey looks in a poor economic state! But is this the full picture? Mick Scarsbrook (Mick Amca) talks about the bigger picture in Turkey after living there for 30 years.
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  1. leftfield123 says:

    One major problem Mick didn't mention is the brain drain. So many young Turks have left or are doing all they can to leave the country. They see a future of limited opportunities for getting a good job, buying a home, or raising a family. Another problem is a high unemployment rate. As Mick hinted at, it's not a good time or place to be poor.

  2. Bomberman1 says:

    The video is probably made in parallel universe. Turkiye has quad trillion dollars of natural gas reserves at Eastern Meditterranean and Blacksea. Turkiye has various minerals that aren't brought into economy like: Thorium(radioactive), Boron(+Lithium), Gold(+4000 tonnes)

    So there is no economic crisis expected for Turkish economy, don't do perception operation and stop fooling people.

  3. M_cahit says:

    I believe it will be fixed. The reason is that Turkish people look at the 20th century, the 21st century has started, and if they look at it with the eyes of the 21st century, they will be relieved, there will be no constant panic.

  4. Jackie Thompson Ercan says:

    Our time most effective bomb used by USA that is more destructive then nuclear bomb is $. The whole world should stop using $ immediately as a reserve currency to disable this most destructive bomb being used in most unfair way to terrorize targeted countries by USA to feed its imperialism worldwide. Otherwise every country will get their own turn in this unfairness one day.

  5. ROLLY @ K.I.S.S. TRADING says:

    Turkey will default on its debts this year or next, it has over borrowed and can’t afford to pay its repayments and is now asking its citizens for their gold . Corruption is rife amongst the government officials and the judiciary, I speak from experience, my wife was illegally locked up by bent cops in Antalya in an immigration secure unit, she was 8 months pregnant at the time, and corrupt lawyers working in cahoots with the authorities were asking for 4k euros to release her. She came out for free 48 hours later but caused our family immense stress.
    This is the tip of the iceberg, the police in Antalya are corrupt and accept bribes. Turks lie about everything especially when buying property.
    Turkish cuisine is crude and repetitive all the restaurants are virtually the same and there is no sophistication. Many infrastructure projects are never quite finished and they always leave a loose end.
    There are some pluses in Turkey like good weather and natural beauty but these were either left by the Greek empire or given by God.
    Erdogan locks political rivals up without trial and also innocent reporters on false charges. A recent new law passed makes insulting the president or any of his political henchmen an imprisonable crime, but you don’t have to do much to be banged up in Turkey. Erdogan also plays the Islamist card at will and has desecrated the st Sophia Greek church in Istanbul and turned it into a mosque jeopardising its world heritage status and grants paid by its donors and foreign governments.
    When president Putin closes the border with the so called NATO alley which I see on the horizon, Turkey will lose 70% of tourism.
    Most new immigrants taking advantage of the investing for citizenship scheme are mainly from Iran, Iraq and other Middle Eastern Arabic despots, but I wouldn’t feel secure holding a Turkish passport, due to an unreliable and temperamental government and corrupt authorities. Turks look at foreigners as 2nd class citizens and will always be treated as such.
    The Turks voted for this government so they get exactly what they deserve. You reep what you sow.
    A global economist thunderstorm is heading our way and make no mistake Turkey will get it bad with its high borrowing costs and depleted foreign reserves and incompetent and corrupt government. The day of reckoning beckons and there are to be no more free lunches, I have my popcorn ready.

  6. Niyazi Ozturk says:

    Hi Mick, I am sorry if I sound too negative, but I will object to that "Turkey will be one of the best countries in the world" at 9:41. I've been living in New Zealand for the last 20 years now. I couldn't run away further from a country that has an average IQ-90. All they know is religion and nationalism BS and people follow like sheep if you use any rhetoric that contains both. You are wrong I am afraid, no hope for that country, at least in my lifetime!

  7. Hamera Tahir says:

    Hopefully the tourist trade will still bring in much needed income. Gas and electricity costs have soared around the world and here in the UK we are suffering enormously. UK is now too expensive to live. I'm looking to move to Turkey as a Muslim, I want to live in an Islamic country.

  8. Ormancı Adam says:

    Such a possitive guy at his elderly age. Most young people are so pessimistic towards future here in turkey. Minimum pensions are not even enough to retire in turkey. Thats why you see elder people in they 60s 70s still working or living with family. And young are struggling to find skilled work. Most people who graduate are finding jobs in service or manufacturing industries on unrelated fields.

    Major problem in turkey is a good governance of budget and allocation of man power, resources. There needs to be huge re-renovation on education, farming and industries. And corrupted government employees needs to be fired immediately…

  9. Bnmx says:

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