The Four Steps of Brand Building – Each step explained in Detail (Marketing Video 142 )

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The Four Steps of Brand Building are critical as they help in brand differentiation amongst competitors, brand positioning, creating customer loyalty and attracting potential customers.

The Four Steps of the Brand Building process helps an organization in explaining its position and vision in the market and establishing a powerful connection with the existing and new customers

The Four Steps of Brand Building

Step 1 – Who Are You? [Brand Identity] – Salience

The first step Salience ensures the identity of a brand with a specific customer need, product class and product benefit. It implies relevance and consumer recall in various situations.

Example – McDonald’s, Coco-Cola

Step 2 – What Are You? [Brand Meaning] – Performance

Performance refers to the extent to which the product can meet customer needs.

Example – Burger King, Dell

Step 2 – What Are You? [Brand Meaning] – Imagery

Imagery refers to the extent to which the product can meet customer’s psychological needs. It is concerned about intangible aspects and enables customers to associate a brand with its products.

Types of Imagery Associations

User Imagery

Example – Gillette

Purchase and Usage Imagery

Example – Gatorade

Brand Personality and Values

Dimensions with examples

Sincerity – Microsoft

Competence – Google

Ruggedness – Jeep

Excitement – Tinder

Sophistication – Mercedes Benz

Brand History, Heritage, and Experiences

Example – KFC

Step 3 – What About You? [Brand Response] Judgement

Judgement refers to the personal opinion or response of a customer towards the brand based on several factors. These factors with examples are

Brand Quality – Dell

Brand Credibility – Google

Brand Consideration – Uber

Brand Superiority – Samsung

Step 3 – What About You? [Brand Response] Feelings

Feelings refer to the customer’s emotional reaction and response to the brand. Important brand-building feelings with examples are

Warmth – iPhone

Fun – XBOX

Excitement – Tinder

Security – Singapore Airlines

Social Approval -Rolex

Self-Respect – Oxford University

Step 4 – What About You & Me? [Relationship] Resonance

Relationship refers to the extent to which customers believe they are in sync with the brand. Four types of Brand Resonance with examples are

Behavioural Loyalty – Walmart

Attitudinal Attachment – Apple

Sense of Community – Xbox Ambassadors

Active Engagement – HOG

This video is on The Four Steps of Brand Building and it has the following sub-topics.

Time Stamps

0:00 Introduction
02:00 Step 1 – Who Are You? [Brand Identity] – Salience
02:27 Step 2 – What Are You? [Brand Meaning] – Performance
03:22 Step 2 – What Are You? [Brand Meaning] – Imagery
03:29 Types of Imagery Associations
03:31 User Imagery
03:47 Purchase and Usage Imagery
04:08 Brand Personality and Values
04:31 Brand History, Heritage, and Experiences
04:48 Step 3 – What About You? [Brand Response] Judgement
05:01 Brand Quality
05:10 Brand Credibility
05:21 Brand Consideration
05:36 Brand Superiority
05:47 Step 3 – What About You? [Brand Response] Feelings
06:01 Warmth
06:08 Fun
06:19 Excitement
06:30 Security
06:37 Social Approval
06:48 Self-Respect
07:13 Step 4 – What About You & Me? [Relationship] Resonance
07:27 Behavioural Loyalty
07:42 Attitudinal Attachment
07:52 Sense of Community
08:11 Active Engagement

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