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Top 5 Residential and Commercial Construction Companies in Turkey

Top 5 residential and commercial construction companies in turkey

Turkey is a growing real estate market in Europe and Asia. Turkey has a strategic location on the crossroad between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The population of 83 million people offers wonderful opportunities for Turkish and foreign real estate developers and investors. No matter what size is the project whether a large […]

Top Toys Brands, Manufacturers and Exporter of Turkey

Simsek toys children’s pink game house

Turkish toy market growing and exports are increasing year by year but slowly. Export growth is noticeable in the eco-friendly wooden toys as compared to the plastic and electronics toys categories. Plastic toy production in Turkey comprises at least 70% of the total toy production. In 2017, toy production used about 21,000 tons of plastic […]

List of Top Men Women Kids Footwear Shoes and Boots Exporters of Turkey as listed on YeniExpo

List of top men women kids footwear shoes and boots exporters of turkey as listed on yeniexpo

YeniExpo introduces the following Top Men Women Kids Footwear Shoes and Boots Exporters of Turkey as listed on the marketplace. YeniExpo.com is an online B2B business marketplace, connecting foreign buyers and Turkish suppliers. 1- Etor Shoes ETOR footwear made its humble beginning in the late 1980s. Etor footwear starts footwear production in the basement of […]

Top 4 Kids Playground Equipment Slide Swing Outdoor Sets Suppliers in Turkey

Top 4 kids playground equipment slide swing outdoor sets suppliers in turkey

We introduce our international customers to the top 4 Kids Playground Equipment Slide Swing Outdoor Sets Suppliers in Turkey. These suppliers export playground, playpark, or play area swing sets and outdoor play equipment. All products are custom designed and manufactured of the highest safety and quality standards. The commercial kids’ playground play equipment sets include […]

Top 5 Logistics Air Sea Land Cargo Freight Forwarding and Transportation Companies in Turkey

Yük forvarderler lojistik katıl yeniexpo pazaryeri i̇hracat türkiye freight forwarders logistics join yeniexpo marketplace export turkey

We have identified the top 5 logistics companies that can serve the Turkish Exporters Air Sea Land cargo and freight forwarding needs. Here is a list of recommended companies in no particular order. These are leading transport logistics companies in Turkey and the Eurasian region. They provide innovative logistics solutions and supply chain management from […]

Top 30 products exported from Turkey in 2018 by US$ value

1 YeniExpo Export Turkey

57% of Turkish exports by value were shipped to European countries while 24.9% are sold to Asian importers. North America share of Turkish exports was 6.1%. There is opportunities to increase exports to all countries specially North America, Africa and Middle East. The following table displays 30 of the most in-demand goods shipped from Turkey […]

Top Wholesale Fashion Clothing Suppliers in Istanbul Turkey

Fashion by didem unlu cachet fabric apparel women clothes

If you are looking for wholesale fashion clothing suppliers in Turkey, we recommend the following companies: Whocit Clothing & Fashion Turkey Wow-Wholesale Women’s Clothing Turkey Fimka Store Clothing & Fashion Turkey Clup Fashion Clothing Turkey Turkopt  Clothing & Fashion Turkey Turkey has many wholesale clothing suppliers. These suppliers can provide the best products to your […]

Top 17 Exporting Countries by SEARCH volume

Top 17 exporting countries by search volume

Searching the top 17 Exporting Countries we utilized Google Keyword planner to check the Average Monthly Searches for certain keywords. The results will give you an approximate idea on how popular or in demand that subject is. In testing how many people are searching for “Made in (country name)” we have found the following results: […]

Top 10 Agro Product Buyers from US and Europe

Interfresh agricultural fuar fair yeniexpo

Below is the list of top 10 Agro Product Buyers from US: Marvisparker Plc Ling Farms Llc The Bronze Age Trading Company Welbeck Holdings Benefeat J And K Group, Inc. Vision Commodities Sunny Cocoa Company Ltd Sonic Online Ltd Teff Distribution Company Llc Usa Below is the List of Top 10 Agro Product Buyers from […]