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YeniExpo is promoting Turkish Brands of country exports

Yeniexpo is promoting turkish brands of country exports

Yeniexpo.com is a Turkish ecommerce company based in Istanbul. It is a B2B portal connects foreign wholesale buyers with Turkish suppliers. Easy sourcing of Made in Turkey Quality Products such as clothing, Furniture, Agricultural Products, Footwear, Machinery, Automotive parts, Furniture, Food, Home Textile, and more Connect with Quality Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Buyers, Wholesalers. Ready to grow your […]

The Ultimate Checklist to Create A Successful Brand

The ultimate checklist to create a successful brand

At The Branding Journal they care a lot about strong and meaningful brands. That’s why they put together a free checklist to help you build a successful brand from scratch! After all, starting with a good foundation for your brand will help you attract more consumers, set you apart from your competition, and help you […]

Creating a commercial BRAND identity for your company


Creating a commercial BRAND identity for your company is one of the most important strategies for success and profit. Your Brand when coupled with a high quality product, consumer demand, strategic marketing, acceptable price targets, and production capacity, will bring extremely high value to your company and bottom line. Turkish manufacturing companies must develop a BRAND strategy […]

Choose a brand name that will stick

Cotton box logo

Choose a brand name that encourages your target audience to feel and think in new ways. You need a brand that will be liked, memorized, and shared by your customers. One that holds a symbolic interest and easy to remember.  Ask your target customer’s opinion for new areas of opportunity to explore. Think outside of […]

GTİP Kod Numarası Belirleme

Gtİp kod numarası belirleme

GTİP Kod Numarası Belirleme GTİP (Gümrük Tarife İstatistik Pozisyon Cetveli) kodu, Gümrük belgelerinde kullanılan bir kod numarası olup, gerçekte ilgili ürünün tüm dünyadaki kimlik numarası olarak kullanılmaktadır. Ürünlerin GTİP kod numarası için; www.resmigazete.gov.tr adresinin “Gelişmiş Arama” alt başlığından, 28513 numaralı Resmi Gazete numarasını girerek, 2012/4074 karar sayılı “İstatistik Pozisyonlarına Bölünmüş Türk Gümrük Tarife Cetveli Hakkında Karar” bölümüne […]